7 Best Type of Caulk for Crown Molding – Make Your Home Look Professional

Crown Molding Caulking

Crown molding is a decorative component used to trim cabinet doors, pillars, walls, and floors where the crown joins. Various types of caulk can be used for this purpose. Caulk is a sealant that is used to fill gaps in surfaces. It can be applied by hand or with a caulking gun. It has been around for centuries, but it was not until the 20th century that it became widely available and affordable for home use.

There are different types of caulk for crown molding, so it’s important to know what the best one is for you. There are two types of caulks: silicone and latex. Silicone is more flexible and easier to apply, while latex requires less effort but can be difficult to remove. The best type of caulk for crown molding depends on your preferences and needs.

The following article will tell you about 7 different caulk types suitable for crown molding. Let’s find out the features, flexibility, and usage. So, have a look at the 7 best caulks for crown molding.

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What is Crown Molding

A crown molding is a sort of decorative molding structure. They are usually placed on an interior wall. It is also used on doors, windows, pilasters, and cabinets. It is called crown molding because, when viewed from above, it looks like a crown.

Most of the time, crown molding makes a room look more professional. Caulking on both the top and bottom of the crown molding is a great way to make it look better. Caulking the joints all over the crown molding is the best way to get a good, solid finish, whether you’re building a new house or fixing up an old one. So, using the best caulk for crown molding seams is important.

Why Should You Use Caulk in Crown Molding

Caulking is important to seal the gap between the crown molding and the wall. An appropriate caulk can make crown molding long-lasting. Crown molding is one of those places where caulk cannot be applied on a daily basis. Using quality products is a good idea.

Caulking crown molding corners may be an issue for someone. To begin with, he should understand the importance of proper caulking in crown molding. The first step is to locate the gap between the ceiling and the crown molding.

Construction materials’ limits, housing settling, and temperature fluctuations play a role in the areas around the crown molding. However, these three factors might also be affected by the season. In this instance, the best advice is to caulk any holes you notice right away to avoid any complications.

Best Crown Molding Caulk for Your Home – Our Top 7 Choices

According to our panel of experts, here is the list of the 7 best crown molding caulks. We tested the caulk’s effectiveness by applying it to various parts of our homes. Other people’s opinions on this caulk were also looked forward to. After analyzing all of the facts, we’ve narrowed it down to the top seven.

Crown molding without caulking is something unprofessional. To make our home more professional, use any of the caulk listed below, according to your needs.

1. Gorilla 100% White Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla 100% White Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla 100% white silicone sealant caulk is a product of the Gorilla brand. It is an exceptionally waterproof silicone sealant that is unlike any other product on the market.

As a result of its popularity in the caulking market, people consider Gorilla caulk a competitive brand. It is a white caulk that is made of silicone. Our experts recommend that you choose this.

Everyone can use this silicone caulk if you need to seal around a window or something else indoors because the caulk is comparatively low in price. There is nothing wrong with using this Gorilla caulk.

According to a few reviewers, this caulk contains a bad smell, but it is not a serious reason to send it back or give it a low rating. If you use this product regularly, you may notice the smell will be gone within 30 minutes to an hour. The majority of users are happy with the caulk.

Gorilla caulk does not crack after becoming dry. It is easy to apply and does not require any special tools. But you can use a caulking gun if you want. Before using, dry up the nozzle cap seal and remove the cap. A hard but slightly spongy consistency is appropriate for silicone caulk, which takes some time to dry.

To smooth out the caulk, you can dip your finger in soapy water before smoothing out a bead, but make sure your finger is clean. Apply soapy water to the caulk before you touch it. Caulk will stick to your finger if you don’t use a caulking gun.


  • A budget-friendly caulk 
  • Strong and long-lasting caulk 
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It dries very quickly


  • It can be extremely messy sometimes

2. Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

This product is great for people who want a caulk that does not need a caulking gun. This caulk is clear, so you can prevent your bathtub from leaking if you use this caulk. They will also fix a vertical blind that keeps falling out of its place. You could use it to lower the thresholds of doors and crown molding in your house.

After cutting the nozzle, open the caulk tip with scissors and leave a half-inch of “liquid” to use several times if you need. Do not cut the tip with scissors if you want an accurate straight line.

On the other hand, if you have a gap in the wall or your drywall and toilet paper holders are falling apart, try this caulk without any hassle. Holes and dust in the wall or peeling caulk problems will also be solved because this stuff is fantastic. 

But why choose this flex caulk as the overall best caulk? Well, first of all, in the case of sealing, this caulk becomes dried in between 24 hours, creating a flexible bond. Moreover, this caulk is user-friendly and comes at a reasonable price. Lastly, this caulk is flexible for both indoor and outdoor usage. So we have chosen this caulk as the overall best caulk. 


  • It is good for both indoor and outdoor installation 
  • It’s easier than traditional caulking 
  • The caulk is better than silicone 


  • Can be a cause of skin irritation

3. GE GE5000 Clear Silicone Sealants & Adhesives

GE GE5000 Clear Silicone Sealants & Adhesives

GE Clear Silicone Sealant is a versatile, flexible sealant that can be used on a wide range of surfaces. It is also water-resistant and has a 30-minute rain-ready time formula. GE Clear Silicone Sealant is 5X stronger than silicone and more flexible than Class 25 sealants.

We have tried a few different brands of silicone sealants and adhesives and have never been particularly impressed. Until our experts tried the GE Clear Silicone Sealants & Adhesives, these sealants were amazing. This caulk works great on windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, and baseboards

If your crown molding has a hole that allows air to pass through, then GE Silicone II Clear Caulk is a better choice than most caulks in this situation. Once it’s been applied, it can’t be painted or stained. Use this caulk if you notice any cracks or fractures around your home. Moreover, this is also good for kitchen backsplash caulking so far.

This is the best caulk to use on windows outside. Simply and reliably, it comes out with a flexible tube so that it doesn’t get stuck in the spout. It’s simple to use and provides excellent coverage. The caulked area will be protected from the weather after usage, and the clear material will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Our experts said this caulk is best because it stays flexible all year, even when the weather is very hot or very cold. 


  • This caulk has a low smell, cures fast, and is easy to apply
  • It worked great to seal around the outdoor lantern
  • With a caulking gun, it works best


  • The caulk is quite thick

4. Sashco 10016 Big Stretch White Caulk

Sashco 10016 Big Stretch White Caulk

Sashco Big Stretch caulk is an exceptional, long-lasting, high-performance caulk for the toughest of situations. It’s easy to handle and resistant to moisture and even temperature fluctuations. This commercial-grade product has a quick drying time and incredible flexibility. Sashco 10016 is truly suitable for any job, whether home or commercial.

This caulk dries too quickly, so it is challenging to clean sometimes. But the best installation for exterior applications is something you cannot deny. Use extreme caution when applying trim to crown molding caulking. This caulk is very liquid but does not slip down because of its consistency. 

Moreover, it can hold and stick to both sides of the bead. The information about the product says that the material shrinks as it slowly dries. Some users say that they did not get the look that they wanted. But our expert says if you use this material to fill gaps, then wait the maximum time before drying. Then you will get the expected result. 

Use this caulk to get natural wood trim for your home and make your money worthwhile. It is a paintable caulk, so before painting, put this caulk on the “joints” and “blemishes” to fill them in. All professional painters recommend this caulk because it works so well. After applying, use a very soft, smooth, damp sponge to wipe and smooth it out. In general, this is a great product.

This caulk is much easier to use than other products. It spreads like mayonnaise and fills larger gaps. This is flexible even when dry, and it stretches and shrinks according to the surfaces. It will let you fix cracks that have kept coming back over the past few years. Use this caulk on any of your exterior projects.


  • Extremely Stretchy
  • It sticks very well to bathroom surfaces
  • It comes in at a great price
  • It works as intended


  • It takes a long time to get dry

5. GE 2709188 White Sealants & Adhesives

GE 2709188 White Sealants & Adhesives 

Most of GE’s paint is made from siliconized acrylic latex, but this one is made from an advanced polymer acrylic latex. This is more durable than GE’s Painter’s Pro product and can be cleaned up with water.

This advanced polymer caulk is much stronger than GE’s siliconized product. Still, it can only be used in temperatures between -40°F and 100°F, while the siliconized product can be used in temperatures between -15°F and 158°F. You’ll have to choose based on what you need for your installation. All variants of this caulk are the same price. 

It works great as a water sealant. If you clean any moist surfaces nicely, let them completely dry before applying them. For bathrooms and other moist places, it works great. So, this is the best caulk for bathrooms as well. 

If there is a fungus growing in your old caulk, then this caulk needs to be taken off and replaced after a few years. It is also a good sealant for light projects to make them waterproof. The stickiness of the sealant makes the bond permanent with any surface. Moreover, you can also use it to keep things from letting air out in small places. It fills holes well and keeps out air.

This is a great caulk that is easy to use and doesn’t have a strong smell. The color of this caulk is nice because it is bright white, and it flows and beads smoothly after using it. 

How big or small your caulk line will depend on the angle and size of the tip you cut, but a plastic shelter will help you get the angle you want. It holds a caulking shape straight. It is good for painting corners and places where a lot of painting is likely to happen. It’s a nice product that doesn’t smell much at all. For DIY projects, it’s easy enough to use and clean up.


  • Offer permanent bonding
  • A good version of traditional mid-range caulk
  • It works well on wider gaps
  • It has good painting ability


  • Not perfect for colorful crown molding 

6. Sashco 10008 Dark Brown Big Stretch Caulk

Sashco 10008 Dark Brown Big Stretch Caulk

If you are looking for an easier way to install caulk for your crown molding, you can use this Sashco 10008 dark brown caulk. The most important thing about this caulk is that it is the right color. This stuff is great, and it’s very easy to use and clean up. It would be nice if you could buy clear, white, and almond.

This is a rich, dark brown caulk that you can use on interior and exterior walls. You can also paint this caulk once it has dried. It will adhere to almost any surface, not crack or tear, and clean up with soap and water. This is a water-based formula that can be used on damp or wet surfaces. It is available in 13 colors.

Sashco Dark Brown caulk sets and seals cracks in older, faded, or painted surfaces. It is easy to use, eco-friendly and versatile. Apply it with a putty knife or roller. Smooth it out with wet finger-like cream cheese.

Never use water-based paint when you want to paint or finish hardwood floors. Sashco’s dark brown caulk is made with a polyurethane resin instead of the usual water-based acrylic material. This will allow you to produce a long-lasting, high-quality application with extreme adhesion without additional sealer.

If you are looking to try this caulk in between the window frames, doors, or crown molding, it is time for a change. This caulk is a perfect match for your windows, and it will make your house look beautiful with an easy installation.

And after the installation, if you want to paint, then see the difference between caulking crown molding before and after painting.


  • Easy to clean
  • Adaptable to any surface
  • This caulk smells good 


  • Sometimes they come up with cracks after drying

7. Sashco White Stretch Acrylic Latex Caulking Sealant

Sashco White Stretch Acrylic Latex Caulking Sealant

Sashco Big White Stretch Acrylic Latex Caulk is best for indoor and outdoor usage. Though the caulk is not paintable, the caulk does not grab dust.

Sashco Acoustical Caulk is a perfect sealant for acoustic purposes or soundproofing. When completely dried, the product keeps elasticity with a soft rubbery feel, making it great for acoustically sealing air gaps. We tested this product against 5 other popular brands and found this one lasts longer and stays flexible for a long time after it has dried.

The caulk is a thick and stretchy silicone caulk that works like silicone rubber. It can be used to seal both your house’s exterior and interior, fill in cracks, repair holes, and paint over them. Unlike silicone caulk, it does not make a smooth surface when dry, so you need to sand it after drying. There are also silicone paints that are paintable but not as stretchy as this silicone caulk.


  • Good for any surface 
  • Very thick with good consistency


  • This is an overpriced caulk but good


Should you caulk crown molding?

The simple answer is yes, because, after caulking crown molding, any particular place or surface looks professional. Moreover, covering holes and cracks in crown molding caulking is essential. 

Where do you caulk crown molding?

Sealants should be applied along the corners and seams of your molding, trim, or baseboards. To get the best result, avoid the re-caulking process so fast.

How do you seal the crown molding joint?

Caulk can be used to hide upper and lower gaps as well. Sealing crown molding mainly follows three steps.

1. Mount the molding
2. Cover nail holes and joints with spackle
3. Paint the molding

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best caulk to use for crown molding, try this selected caulk. These products will ensure a smooth and flawless finish on your project.

So, stop worrying about your crown molding. Read our “expert” review and choose the best pick for you. To learn more about crown molding caulking, click here.

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