Why Are Poufs So Expensive – 80% People Does Not Know

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A good choice of furniture shows who you are and makes your home a better place to live. A pouf is a good example of furniture that is designed to look nice.

You can put a pouf in your living room to use as an extra seat. Poufs are becoming super trendy nowadays. Because of buyer demand, poufs are getting more expensive, and some of them are overpriced.

But there are a few more good reasons behind this issue. So, in this article, we’ll try to figure out why are poufs so expensive.

Poufs Aren’t Made of Typical Materials

Poufs come in a variety of types and materials. There are mainly eight types of pouf that are famous. And they are knitted poufs, Chevron poufs, Moroccan poufs, Woven poufs, Cube poufs, Fur poufs, Patchwork poufs, and Leather poufs. All these poufs are not made from the same material, so their prices are also different.

Let’s have a look at which materials contain how much money:

1. Knitted Poufs

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Knitted poufs are usually made from durable yarn and fiber. A knitted pouf comes in different colors, types, and sizes. In addition, the knitted pouf’s variety of gestures makes it a versatile furnishing choice. The average price range of knitted poufs is $15 to $237.

2. Moroccan Poufs

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Moroccan poufs are famous for their North American style. If you are a fan of leather poufs, then there is a chance that you may buy more than one Moroccan pouf for your home. Moroccan poufs are mainly made of leather, wool, and cotton. The average price of a Moroccan pouf is $19 to $250.

3. Woven Poufs

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Woven poufs are known for their long-lasting characteristics. They are a reflection of Scandinavian and Boho home decor. This pouf is best for outdoor usage. The main materials of woven poufs are jute fabric, polyester, cotton, etc. The price range for woven poufs is $40 to $600

4. Chevron Poufs

Poufs with a chevron pattern have become really trendy nowadays. It’s very close to the herringbone pattern. The main difference between the chevron and herringbone patterns is that the chevron obtains a 45-degree angle, and the herringbone obtains a 90-degree angle.

Image: stagedinteriorsinc / instagram.com

The zigzag pattern of the chevron makes it highly modern. Cotton, fabric, and polyester are the basic materials of a chevron pouf. The price range of Chevron poufs is $50 to $1000

5. Cube Poufs

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A cube-shaped pouf could be the best choice for your living space. If you like something in a geometric shape, then a cube pouf could be a good choice. Cubes are available in a wide range of materials and colors, which makes them suitable for any home environment. Moreover, their extra height makes them suitable for use as tables. The main materials of the cube pouf are acrylic, wool, cotton, and polyester. The price range of this pouf is $19 to $250.

6. Fur Poufs

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If you are someone who likes fancy furniture, then this fur pouf is perfect for you. The feathery texture of the pouf makes this different from other traditional poufs. This pouf is a versatile kind of pouf because of its attractive look. The fur pouf is mainly made of wool, and the price range for this pouf is $38 to $90. 

7. Patchwork Poufs

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A patchwork pouf is a great way to add some additional color and pattern to your living area. You may get them in a wide variety of styles and colors. These poufs emphasize eclectic decor design. This patchwork pouf is made of leather, cotton, and polyester. The price range of the pouf is $50 to $1000.

8. Leather Poufs

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Leather poufs are a reflection of the Moroccan pouf, though they have a different variety. These poufs are made of leather, as per their name. The price range of a leather pouf starts at $19-$50.

For your better understanding, we are adding a price chart here.

Pouf NamePrice Range
Knitted poufs$15 to $237
Moroccan poufs$19 to $250
Woven poufs$40 to $600
Chevron poufs$50 to $1000
Cube poufs$19 to $250
Fur poufs$38 to $90
Patchwork poufs$50 to $1000
Leather poufs $19 to $50
poufs price chart

Making Techniques of Pouf are Special

The making process of a pouf is time-consuming because it requires a lot of calculation, cutting, sewing, and embroidery. However, a pouf can be both DIY and ready-made. Making the procedure of a pouf does not matter because almost all poufs take equal time to be made.

If you want to know the making process of a DIY pouf, have a look here. As the making process is lengthy, the price of a pouf is quite high.

Poufs Are on Demand

Now that modern furniture has become so popular, almost everyone is shopping for a replacement set of furniture to decorate their homes in a cutting-edge manner. Poufs are just one rich example of modern furniture that can provide a relaxing place to sit for a while.

Though it is undeniable that poufs are pricey, the massive demand for poufs makes them a bit pricier in the furniture market.

Ending Words

Poufs are expensive, but putting them in your home is the best way to make your home look nice and comfortable. There are various types of furniture that cost more than poufs, but they are not aesthetic at all. If this is the case, setting a pouf might be the best option for you.

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