Are towels considered linens? [Top 3 arguments]

Are Towels Considered Linens: The Best Explanation

Are towels considered linens? Perhaps the image of the crispy, highly wrinkled cloth comes to mind when you think of linen. You wouldn’t be wrong.

Are towels, along with everything else in the closet, including comforters and sheets, classified as linens?

Towels can be considered linens. Any piece of fabric used around the house regularly is considered part of the linen family. Household linens include things like sheets, table napkins, comforters, pillows, and yes, towels.

In this article, we’ll examine the topic “are towels considered linens”, the origins of this phrase, various towel kinds, and any more queries you could have regarding the linen closet.

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Linen cloth definition

The term “linens” always refers to a certain type of material that is typically used for tablecloths, table napkins, hand towels, and domestic properties.

They are durable, soft, and have superb visual texture. They can be used on your beds, kitchen table, curtains, and decorative clothing as well as to make dresses or nightgowns.

Towel definition

Towels are used to dry off water from our skin and body as a whole. They have rough or soft surfaces. Cotton, bamboo, synthetic fiber, and microfiber are among the materials used to make them.

They serve numerous purposes and come in a range of sizes and fabrics.

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Are towels considered linens: a brief history of linens

It is essential to look into the history of linens to fully comprehend why bath towels are considered linens. Household textiles created from the flax plant are referred to as linens. Linen was used by ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia for clothing, bedding, and other applications.

During the Middle Ages, linen gained popularity in Europe as a substitute for more costly imported cotton for garments and underwear. Linen towels, tablecloths, and bedsheets were symbols of affluence.

The majority of home textiles are now made of cotton instead of linen fibers. Nowadays, linens include towels, tablecloths, bedding, and other related items, whether they are made of linen or another material.

Why are towels called linens?

Towels are considered linens due to the following reasons:

  • Materials: although most modern towels are made of cotton or cotton blends, towels can still be made from linen.
  • Function: towels serve a similar purpose as other linens like bedsheets. Towles provide comfort, hygienic qualities, and opulence in the home.
  • Care: towels and other linens frequently need to be laundered and treated similarly to maintain their cleanliness and quality.
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What are other bath towel materials?

 There are a few more popular materials for modern bath towels that you should be aware of.

Modern towels are composed of various materials, including microfiber, bamboo, Pima cotton, Turkish cotton fibers, polyester, and linens. Each of these materials has specific features.

For example, bamboo towels are perfect if you require a fluffy towel;  Pima and Turkish cotton towels are perfect if you want total porosity; and polyester towels are perfect if you need a durable towel for your everyday workouts.

Also, Egyptian cotton towels are incredibly soft, absorbent, and long-lasting since they are made of long cotton fibers.

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What category are towels in?

You can maintain the dryness of your body, home, and pets with these kinds of towels.

Remember that to prevent the buildup of bacteria or the development of mold and mildew, towels must be cleaned regularly.

Below are various types of towels and their uses.

Bath sheets

Bath sheets are large towels that wrap around your body perfectly and offer optimum coverage.

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Gym towels

Gym towels are perfect for removing sweat from the body when working out because they are small and very absorbent. They are mostly portable and easy to fit in a fitness bag.

Bath towel

These are the typical shower or bath towels that are used to dry off. They are efficient and versatile enough for daily use.

Hair towels

The purpose of hair towels is to remove extra moisture from wet hair without leading to friction or damaging it. In many cases, microfiber or other quick-drying materials are used to make them.

Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels serve several purposes in the kitchen, like cleaning counters, drying dishes, and carrying hot pots and pans.

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Spa towels

Luxurious and smooth, spa towels offer a spa-like experience in a professional spa setting or at home. They are frequently used in massages or other spa treatments.


Washcloths, often called facecloths, are small, square-shaped towels that are used to wipe faces. This type of bath linen is useful for applying skincare products and taking off makeup due to its gentility on the skin. Washcloths are the perfect size for traveling or placing by bathroom sinks.

Hand towels

The size of hand towels is ideal for drying hands in kitchens or restrooms. Hand towels are considerably larger than washcloths but smaller than bath towels.


Be sure you’re buying the right size towel. Towels are available in a range of sizes, from the small washcloth to the extra-large bath sheet.

  • Washcloth: 13”x 13”
  • Fingertip towel: 11” x 18”
  • Guest towel – 14” x 21”
  • Hand towel: 18 x 32”
  • Bath towel: 30 x 52”
  • Bath sheet: 36” x 75”
  • Extra-large bath sheet: 41” x 72”
  • Bath mat: 24” x 36”
  • Rugs: 24” x 24”, 20” x 31”, 23” x 39”,  27 x 47”

Sizes are fairly standardized, but European sizes can be different. Take careful note of sizing when buying online.

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Beach towels

Beach towels are made for relaxing on the sand or by the pool; they are larger than regular bath towels. They are frequently composed of materials that dry quickly and have vibrant colors or patterns.

Paper towels

Paper towels are frequently used to mop up spills and messes in the kitchen and other areas of the house, even though they aren’t realistically fabric towels. Paper towels are convenient and disposable.

Face towels

Face towels are small and soft towels, made specifically to gently wash and scrub the face. They are additionally used for applying face treatments or taking off makeup.

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Foot towels

Foot towels are small towels designed particularly for drying feet or putting underfoot during a spa pedicure or treatment.

Tea towel

A tea towel is a soft cloth with an imprinted or woven design that is typically used as decoration. It can be made of cotton, linen, or a blend of both. Tea towels, roughly the size of a hand towel, have been around since the 18th century when they were first used for tea ceremonies.

Tea towels are becoming a common sight in homes and kitchens all around the world. They can be used for anything from covering warm baked dishes to maintaining the crispness of fresh vegetables.

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FAQ: are towels considered linens?

Are pillows considered linen?

Since a pillow isn’t made from the distinctive natural fibers associated with linens such as cotton or linen fabric, it isn’t usually regarded as linen. Nonetheless, a pillowcase is frequently included in the linen category. A pillowcase is a cover for a pillow that is typically composed of materials such as linen, cotton, or other fabrics.

What is an example of a linen?

A tablecloth is an example of a linen. They are used to cover tables for aesthetic or functional reasons and are usually composed of linen fabric or other materials such as cotton, polyester, or blends. Linen tablecloths are frequently chosen for formal gatherings because of their attractive and sophisticated appearance.

How can you care for bath towels?

By following these simple tips, you can keep your bath towels clean, soft, and long-lasting.

– Use a mild detergent when washing your towels. Fabric softeners should not be used because they can make towels less absorbent.
– Washing your towels in warm water is recommended to eliminate bacteria and germs.
– Before using new towels, always wash them. By doing this, any manufacturing residue will be eliminated, increasing their absorbency.
– Avoid putting too many towels in your washing machine. This may hinder their ability to clean and harm your machine.

What is linen classed as?

The flax plant’s fibers are used to make linen. Different kinds of linen are used for various purposes. Major classes of linen include:

– Bedding linen;
– Suiting linen;
– Damask linen;
– Huckaback linen;
– Towelling linen;
– Handkerchief linen.

How often should bath towels be replaced?

The frequency of usage and material quality determine how often bath towels need to be replaced, which might vary from two to five years.

It’s about time to replace your towels if they are no longer absorbent, discolored, or torn. You should think about changing your towels every five years at the very least, even if neither of these apply to you.

Also, it’s time to get rid of your towels if they keep smelling bad even after washing them. Perhaps there hasn’t been enough ventilation in the bathroom, or perhaps the towels are simply so old that they absorb germs more easily than moisture. In any case, you ought to replace them if the scent persists even after being cleaned.

Are washcloths considered linens?

Yes, they are. Any fabric used frequently for household purposes belongs to the linen family. They are typically made of cotton or other absorbent materials and are used to wash the face, hands, and body. Washcloths, like other linens, ought to be frequently laundered to preserve their quality and cleanliness.

Is it necessary to iron towels?

The flax-derived material known as linen is notorious for getting extremely wrinkled when worn or left unfolded out of the dryer. Ironing is necessary to remove wrinkles from linen handkerchiefs, tablecloths, napkins, and even tea towels. How about your bath towels, though?

Your regular bath towels usually don’t need to be ironed if they are taken straight out of the dryer while still warm and folded with care. Although there’s a chance your thinner cotton towels can wrinkle a bit, most individuals prefer to fold their towels neatly instead of using an iron. Polyester blends won’t require any ironing at all. The bamboo varieties won’t either.

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Conclusion: are towels considered linens?

Towels and similar absorbing fabrics that are frequently used in homes are categorized under bath linens.

Their historical ties to table linens and bed linens, their comparable materials and maintenance requirements, and their regular use for personal hygiene are the reasons for this categorization.

Towels are well-established as a required type of linen in the home, despite their unique functionality. Towels should be cleaned and dried separately from clothing for sanitary purposes.

Wash white towels individually or in combination with whites to avoid discoloration. Use non-chlorine bleach once a month to get rid of detergent buildup and restore absorbency. High-quality bath towels can last several years if always properly laundered and dried, thereby getting you value for your money.

I hope this article on “Are towels considered linens is of immense help to you.

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