Poufs and Ottomans: Which One Will Meet Your Home Standards?

a pouf and an ottoman

If you are planning to add value to your home’s look, then you may add a new piece of furniture to your house that is stylish, comfortable, and convenient. Footstools, known as ottomans and poufs, add to the overall coziness of a room. These two varieties of footrests are different from one another in a number of ways, such as size, look, and the main purpose.

Selecting a pouf or ottoman that best meets your home’s requirements will add the best look to your home. Before choosing the best one, let’s get the details about the ottoman vs pouf.

Basic Ottoman Knowledge

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An ottoman is a versatile type of furniture that can be used as both a chair and a table. This is an ancient piece of furniture that comes from the era of the Ottomans. It is popular for its storage facilities. Ottomans come in three different types. They are a rectangle, a square, and a circle. Rectangular ottomans are flexible because of their size. These types of ottomans come in different sizes and types.

They are a good replacement for a coffee table because of their legs. Its rectangular structure makes it easier to place in any corner of a room. There are also several rectangular ottomans without storage capacity that work as chairs. They usually have a wooden design and cushioning of different comfortable fabrics.

On the other hand, round ottomans are for the living area, and square ottomans are best for storage, so they look large in size. Moreover, there are two more designs available for ottomans, and they are the glider and the tufted ottomans.

Basic Information About Poufs

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Poufs are fancy types of seating furniture that come from France. A pouf can be used as an extra seating area in your home. Poufs look great in bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor seating areas as well. The size of a pouf depends on the size of your room. Though a pouf’s size range starts from 16 x 16 inches to 60 x 60 cm. You can find poufs made from a wide range of fabrics.

In general, eight different poufs are available. Knitted poufs, fur poufs, Moroccan poufs, chevron poufs, woven poufs, cube poufs, leather poufs, and patchwork poufs are the common varieties of poufs.

The Fundamental Differences Between the Ottomans and Poufs

Here are some core differences between pouf vs. ottoman.

Size and Shape

In terms of shape and size, the ottomans and poufs are different. An Ottoman is always larger than a pouf. If you want a piece of furniture with versatile usage, then choose an ottoman. On the other hand, if your room has limited space and appearance is more important to you, then choose poufs. They both come in different shapes and sizes.

Usage Purpose

The purpose of use for both ottomans and poufs is quite the same. Though they are a little different, they can still be an alternative to each other. Moreover, people can also buy a piece of furniture called a pouf ottoman, which is a mixture of these two.


If you need a hidden storage area, then buy an Ottoman, because a pouf usually does not have any storage area.

Decoration Idea

Choosing the perfect design is essential when adding an ottoman or pouf to your home décor. Poufs and ottomans are available in a wide variety of styles, so there will be more options for you.

But Bohemian-style poufs with velvety fabric are stylish complements that are nice to craft your home area, home office, or bedroom. On the other hand, ottomans are a traditional part of living room furniture sets, so they often appear in more conventional arrangements. Common characteristics of classic ottomans include a square form, wooden legs, and nail head trimming.

So, choose contemporary poufs and ottomans according to their minimal design, shape, fabric, and curves.

Both are rich choices of furniture for your home environment. As we already know, the usage of poufs and ottomans is quite similar, so choose any of them according to your choice and home condition.

The Purpose of Purchasing Ottomans

The first reason for buying ottomans is that they usually add an extra seating area to your home. Moreover, ottomans are also useful as coffee tables, sofa beds, and footstools.

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A large ottoman can function as a coffee table as well as a lounge chair. This ottoman’s flat design is ideal for holding a coffee tray, books, or potted plants. The Ottomans are perfect for fulfilling your periodic usage. Moreover, you can put your feet up on an ottoman. Choose an ottoman that can make your feet relax after a long day.

However, Ottoman patterns are becoming increasingly popular, which means that people are finding new ways to use them, such as for guests. You can convert the ottomans into comfortable sofa beds.

The Reason for Buying Poufs

The usage of poufs is quite similar to that of ottomans. The main purpose of buying a pouf is that it is an alternative to a chair or table. Moreover, poufs can also be used as pet beds.

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So, if you need more seating area in a room, a pouf is a wonderful choice. A pouf can be hidden away behind a coffee table until you need an extra seat. The living room or lobby is a natural place for setting a pouf.

Moreover, poufs can be used as stylish and functional coffee tables or end tables. To create a relaxing atmosphere, set a fur pouf next to a seating area and place a tray on top to hold drinks, snacks, and other necessities. Put two poufs together and use them as a coffee table. Additionally, a pouf might be the ideal cozy seat for your cat or small dog.

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