What Is A Pouf Used For – Know The Best Use Of It

What is a pouf

You have been hearing of the word pouf and wondering what exactly it is, haven’t you? I know the answer is a resounding yes. This article intends to explain what a pouf is, its uses, how to choose one, determine the best pouf for the living room, and lots more.

Sometimes you might have seen a piece of furniture, usually a cushion at a family or friend’s house and wonder what it is. That piece of furniture usually placed on the floor is referred to as POUF.

Journey along as we seek to understand more about this furniture of immense value to the household.

Different Ways to Use a Pouf at Home

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There have been different arguments on the uses of poufs. They range from its usage as a footstool to its being used as decor. No matter the argument, there is always been an agreement on the fact that it beautifies and upgrades anywhere it finds itself. The following are the different ways a pouf can be put into use.

1. Used as an extra seating

Poufs in most homes are used as extra seating. The soft cushion piece of furniture can provide a comfortable sitting space for you.

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In extra small rooms, they serve as the main seats are given their small nature and ability to fit into small spaces. Go on and add this beautiful piece to your household furniture and enjoy the flexibility it offers.

2. Used as a footstool

Traditionally, a pouf is used as a footstool before the contemporary adaptation into different uses. Poufs provide a large and soft cushion, dense enough for a footstool.

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Their sizes and weight make it easier to be moved around to comfortable places to be used as footstools. Get a pouf and enjoy a footstool that adds an extra stylish touch to your living room or bedroom.

3. Used as a center table

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Most households now make use of poufs as center tables instead of the traditional wood center tables. This beautiful piece of furniture provides your house with style and elegance. The lightweight furniture makes it possible to be moved around the living room effortlessly.

4. Used as a bedside table

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In the bedroom, you will always need a price of furniture to place your books, plants, or snacks on. Instead of opting for the traditional wooden bedside table, you have the option of lightweight furniture. This adds more beauty and style to your bedroom.

5. Used as a working table

In the house, you might need to do some tidying up on some leftover work from the office. Having a pouf gives you a piece of table-like furniture where you can carry out your work seamlessly.


By adding a metal or wooden tray, 2-4 poufs can be combined to give a larger surface area and firm surface for writing or completion of any other office task.

6. Used as a storage

Yes, you read that right! Poufs can be used as an item of storage furniture in homes. Poufs can be fitted with a zipper underneath to provide a space for discreet storage of things such as money and other valuables.

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In some households, poufs are used as storage for old clothes and clothes that are no longer in use. This provides safe storage for the clothes before a decision is made on what is next to be done with them.

7. Used as a pet bed

The soft nature of poufs provides furniture that can be converted as a resting place for pets. In some households, pets such as cats and dogs find the soft pouf more comfortable to sleep on.

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Have you seen a pet on a pouf? There is nothing cuter than seeing your pet borrowing down into the pouf when it’s sleep time. There are poufs with removable covers, which makes it possible for the covers to be washed and replaced. This provides a healthy sleeping environment for your pets.

8. Used as a decor

Poufs come in different colors and shapes which adds aesthetic value to your space. It doesn’t take up much space and can fit into any style of decorations, displaying its versatility.

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Poufs provide your bedroom or living room with a range of patterns and textures when introduced. The introduction of poufs as a furniture item in your sitting room, living room, or bedroom instantly upgrades its cozy nature.

What is the Best Pouf for a Living Room

While trying to buy a pouf for your living room, you need to go for the best product available. The presence of a good pouf in your living room gives a good first impression to your visitors and nothing but the best must be on display there. In trying to answer the above question, I found Birdrock Home Round pouf on Amazon which I feel is the best for your living room.

I know by now you will be itching to know the reason why I chose this product. Here are some of the reasons I settled for this product as the best for your living room;

  • It is made of pure lightweight cotton and bean bag fillings.  This makes the pouf lightweight and sturdy. The end result is a pout that is easy to move from one point to another without losing its shape.
  • The pouf is hand knitted perfectly by the best hand knitters in the world, ensuring it keeps up to the promise of quality by its producers.
  • If you have kids in the house, then this will be a huge hit with the kids as it provides additional sitting space when hosting their friends.
  • It’s size and sturdy nature makes it an excellent extra seater and footstool in the living room and other rooms in the house.


Are poufs out of style?

Definitely, that’s a No! Poufs are one of the household furniture items that will continue to maintain their relevance for the foreseeable future. This is due to the different functions it has to offer.

Are poufs comfortable?

Yes, poufs are comfortable. The comfortability of poufs depends on the size and the material with which it’s made.

Final Thoughts

Poufs are fashionable and cozy pieces of furniture. It’s a must-buy for anyone who enjoys comfort and a beautiful and well-decorated interior. To get the best out of a pouf, your choice must fit your taste, budget, and the pre-existing interior decor of your room.

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