How To Stuff A Knitted Pouf – 4 Easy Steps with Additional Ideas

Two Knitted Pouf

The poufs in the living room just increase the beauty. Moreover, they are the best alternative to both chairs and tables. Poufs provide an extra seat for family members and guests at a gathering or in a dining room. Though there are different designs of poufs available on the market, knitted poufs have a higher value. A knitted pouf can be both ready-made and DIY.

As a homeowner, it is your duty to know about the stuffing procedure of a knitted pouf so that you can modify or change the stuffing whenever it is needed. In this article, we will find out what those elements are that can be stuffed in a knitted pouf.

The Process of Stuffing a Knitted Pouf – With Steps

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A few steps needed to be followed before stuffing a knitted pouf.

Step 1: First of All, You Need to Gather Materials and Equipment

To knit a pouf, you need knitting needles with a large diameter. You can choose different colors of yarn. Furthermore, wool, small pieces of clothing, and shoelaces can all be used as stuffing.

Step 2: Create a Knitted Pouf

To make a knitted pouf, pull the three yarns together. For extra thickness, knit with 4 strands of yarn instead of 2. It’s possible that two strands will be enough if you’re using a thick yarn. Start with 60 stitches, and wrap the pouf with a long enough piece in stockinette stitch. Take a 40-inch measurement of your filling pouf. The big needles will make quick work of this. A chunky and jumbo pouf will also follow this same procedure.

Step 3: The Stuffing Procedure

Take out the stitches on your knitted pouf and start stuffing it so you can get an idea of how big it is. Put together all of your fabric scraps to use as pouf filling. If the pouf is still empty, get some cotton or wool. Put cotton or wool in a polythene bag before you use it. Otherwise, they will stick to the pouf surface.

Step 4: The Knitted Pouf is Almost Ready

Pull the knot tight off the pouf so that the stuffing cannot spread out. When the knitted pouf is almost done, just stitch it up again and it is ready to use. Any kind of cord will do to tie the pouf together at the corners. The length of thread or cord you use can be anything durable.

In these ways, a knitted pouf can be stuffed. When needed you can change the stuffing and refill the pouf. Just make sure every time you use the same types of yarn.

Additional Stuffing Idea for Knitted Pouf

Here are some additional ideas for pouf stuffing.

1. Stuffing pouf with pillow filling

Filling your pouf with pillow filling is the simplest option. The pouf will be nicely stuffed with this material, but it won’t be durable enough to sit on. Those who are just buying knitted poufs for decoration purposes can use this stuffing.

Tips: Cushion filling can also be utilized as a stuffing element for knitted pouf.

2. Use straw and textile supplies as pouf stuffing

Straw and unwanted textiles such as clothing, bedsheets, towels, etc. can be stuffed into the knitted pouf. Make sure the pouf is completely full before closing the top, paying special attention to the sides so that the finished product looks like a round ball.

Tips: Do not wear any clothes that contain chains or large buttons.

3. Use unused polybags as a stuffing

Using polythene as the stuffing of a knitted pouf makes it soft and flexible, and a flexible pouf is a good alternative to a chair. But if you want to use the pout as a table, then you should drop the idea of using polybags. Because a soft pouf could not be used as a table.

Tips: Avoid using grocery bags and make sure polybags are neat and clean.

Here are some basic tips and steps for knitted pouf stuffing, that you can follow while preparing.

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