10 Best Caulk for Showers To Prevent Mildew – Top Notch Picks

Some Shower Caulks

Using good brand caulk is a sustainable solution to prevent water from seeping into the tub’s joints or any other moist place. In such cases, waterproof silicone or latex caulk is the ideal material for this application. 

Moreover, ceramic tile and fiberglass bathrooms may benefit the most from silicone caulk to prevent mold growth.

There are several different reasons why mold might grow in shower caulk. Mold may start to form on the drywall behind the caulking if it absorbs moisture. Another possibility is that the grout you have used is low quality because low-quality grout absorbs water. But most of the time, mold grows because of non-branded shower caulk.

So, in this article, we will find out the best shower caulk to prevent mildew. And our experts have chosen Gorilla 100% Waterproof Silicone Caulk as the best one. Let’s have a look at the others.

Importance of Preventing Mildew in Shower – Things That Need to Keep in Mind

Four considerations must be made before selecting a caulk that works best in your shower. First of all, choose a mold-resistant caulk. Before buying, check out reviews and take advice from experts.

Secondly, choosing a transparent or clear caulk is best for showers. Choose such a kind of caulk. And lastly, know about the drying duration of the caulk. Because if you choose a caulk that takes longer to dry, it will not be suitable for a moist place.

Top 10 Best Caulk for Shower Which Can Prevent Mildew

Various caulks are available on the market, but our expert and volunteer team have chosen the ten best caulks to prevent mold. After observing the result, they applied dozens of coats of caulk in different shower areas and jotted down the 10 bests.

Expert’s Choice: Gorilla 100% Waterproof Silicone Caulk

Excellent product at a low price with mold resistance capacity.

Overall User Choice: Ge M9007 Silicone Sealant

It works superbly in most areas, and it gains user satisfaction.

Best Mold Removal: Skylarlife Grout Silicone Caulk

It is strongly recommended for the moist area to prevent mildew.

Best For Curing: Gorilla Clear Waterproof Silicone Caulk And Seal

This caulk is great for areas with a lot of moisture because it is a fast-curing caulk.

Best for Small Projects: Red Devil 0405 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

This is a good caulk for every small area of a home.

Best for Durable Sealing: Sashco 13010 Clear Adhesive Caulk And Sealant

Great sealer for the bathtub and sink.

Best for Sink And Glass Area: Ge284 Clear Silicone Caulk

It is easy to use in tight and glassy areas.

Best for Using With Caulking Gun: Kwik 7079818001 Adhesive Latex Caulk

It’s pretty easy to use with a caulking gun.

Best Budget Friendly: Red Devil 630-0406 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

Red Devil bath caulk dries very quickly and keeps consistency.

Best for Versatile Usage: Dap Kwik 18001 White Adhesive Caulk

Dap Kwik caulk can be used on various surfaces.

Exploring the Top 10 Best Shower Caulks to Prevent Mildew

1. Expert’s Choice: Gorilla 100% Waterproof Silicone Caulk

Gorilla 100% Waterproof Silicone Caulk

Bathrooms and outdoor areas benefit from Gorilla’s 100 percent waterproof silicone caulk. After a 30-minute drying duration, the product becomes ready for water contact. It comes in a conventional caulking gun-friendly plastic tube.

To make a bead, trim the tip of the caulk to get the appropriate thickness. However, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the plastic quality of the Gorilla caulking tube, even though it is the same kind of tube used in most caulking guns on the market. As a user, you should consider this plastic issue because of its potential.

Therefore, this caulk is simple and provides a beautiful finish after drying. Our specialists tested it on various surfaces, including the shower, kitchen, and other moist places. The good thing is it performed well. Gorilla caulk is also perfect for novice users, so users do not need to be professional.

This white silicone is top-notch and provides exactly what a user usually hopes for from shower caulk. This caulk is non-shrinking, non-color-changing, even in the shower, and non-crack. It’s a bit smelly, but the product does its job well by preventing mold and mildew. It’s simple to use and clean up. To keep your hands mess-free, use gloves. So, by considering all these things, experts have chosen this to be the overall winner.


  • A handy caulk that creates a good bond
  • Dry fast
  • Do not crack


  • The caulk is smelly

2. Overall User Choice: Ge M9007 Silicone Sealant

Ge M9007 Silicone Sealant

GE always works exactly as expected. It’s quite simple to use on any surface, especially in wet areas. Some users face issues while using this caulk because of its sticky nature. In such cases, you may view a few professional tutorials on how to use it. According to our experts, you should wear disposable vinyl gloves and use painter’s blue tape to cover the caulking area from top to bottom.

After applying the caulking, smooth it out using professional equipment rather than a plastic spoon. This caulk is messy, so wait for proper curing. When it is cured properly, it can survive more than 10 years.

You may apply this caulk to both the kitchen and bathroom areas. This caulk is ideal for unskilled DIYers as well. As it is a silicone caulk, use this caulk in a wet place to see its real capacity.

If you’re using another brand of caulk, then you’re wasting your time because to stop mold growth with fast curing capacity, no one can beat GE M9007. This product is a genuine deal. Before applying Ge M9007 Silicone Sealant, make your room well ventilated. Moreover, this caulk heals too quickly, so most users choose this caulk for their bathtub and bathroom usage.

When it comes to caulking, this silicone could be your best choice. Our experts also mentioned the perfect white color for every bathtub.


  • Dries very quickly
  • Best for a moist place
  • The caulk is very easy to apply
  • Negative Aspects


  • Quite sticky


3. Best Mold Removal: Skylarlife Grout Silicone Caulk

Skylarlife Grout Silicone Caulk

Skylar Life Grout Silicone Caulk is a good option because it is the best mold remover. To apply this caulk, you’ll need masking tape and time to repair your bathroom door. 

You won’t be disappointed if you buy this product based on its many favorable reviews. This caulk is easy to apply, and cleaning with a scrubber isn’t necessary because a wet cloth is enough to remove the leftover caulk after applying. It’s a little sticky, so use rubber gloves before applying. If you’ve already tried a few things in your bathtub but weren’t satisfied with the results, you may try this one.

It’s like a bottle of cleaning magic. Just apply and wait. There is no need to scrub at all. If your shower has mold on a corner, use this and wait a bit. The black markings became brown and were fully gone after a few hours.

Keep towels, mats, and clothing away from this gel. The caulk smells like chlorine water. If you’re bothered by it, we suggest using a fan to get some fresh air while applying. However, this caulk is tough to remove and does not come out easily, so DIYers need to exert some effort to remove it.

Due to the small size of the nozzle and the thick consistency of the gel, you should be ready to squeeze this product with more force than you may expect. By doing this, you will get some flexible space.

If the application area is smaller than the grout area, you may need to use a spoon to spread it out.



  • Requires caulking tools

4. Best For Curing: Gorilla Clear Waterproof Silicone Caulk And Seal

Gorilla Clear Waterproof Silicone Caulk And Seal

DIYers use this product to cover the grout in a moist area to stop mold from growing. The sealant itself is awesome, but it doesn’t smell very good. It is completely clear, even though you can’t see the product because it’s clear in its color. After drying, this caulk becomes completely clear, and it’s an excellent choice for fixing those small edges that need to be sealed. It prevents water absorption as well.

This is good for places where there will be a lot of water. Our expert told us to use this caulk around the windows and the sink.

You’ll find it easy to use, and it usually dries quickly. Sometimes it takes longer than 30 minutes, and sometimes up to 24 hours, depending on the weather. The product is made of silicone so that it can prevent water. We would tell anyone who needs to fix the seals in their bathroom to use this caulk.

Even if it is cold outside, you can use this great product, and it will still work perfectly. But it’s very clear, so it can be cracked when sunlight enters before curing.


  • This is a gleaming Product 
  • Best for bathroom usage 
  • Curing duration is very fast 


  • Packaging is not very good
  • DIYers should be professional

5. Best For Small Project: Red Devil 0405 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

Red Devil 0405 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

Red Devil 0405 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk is useful in various conditions and applications. This works out well to satisfy your needs. You may use it to maintain the grout in your shower and fix any small cracks or holes that may appear again and again. 

Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before using the product. The nozzle is simple to cut, and the squeeze flow is also excellent. Moreover, this caulk does not create any air bubbles while applying. 

Moreover, this caulk requires seven days to cure fully. Then there will be no problems when it is exposed to moisture. And the specialty is that, because the caulk is already white, there is no need to paint over it. 

In addition, this caulk offers the ideal combination of value, quality, and accessibility. This product’s popularity increased because of its amazing texture and favorable price range. Lastly, this caulk works best for small projects rather than larger ones.


    • Perfect for a small home job 
    • A durable caulk indeed
    • It is a budget-friendly caulk 


  • It can crack after sometime

6. Best For Durable Sealing: Sashco 13010 Clear Adhesive Caulk And Sealant

Sashco 13010 Clear Adhesive Caulk And Sealant

Sashco 13010 Clear Adhesive Caulk and Sealant are ideal for long-lasting sealing. This caulk can help you if you have a window that is not caulked properly and mold is growing. This caulk is extremely smooth and consistent. People usually seal their roofing systems with Sashco.

The sealant applies crystal clear and dries very quickly. Our expert recommends putting down a four-foot bead of caulk if you want to smooth it with your finger because it becomes sticky quickly while applying. This caulk is best removed with mineral spirits or a soapy paper towel. Wash your fingertips with Lava Soap, waterless soap, or a comparable product. 

Naturally, it is best to utilize the full tube after it has been opened because this caulk dries so fast. However, a user may remove the red cap, cover the tube with aluminum tape, and clean the red applicator tip to reuse the caulk.


    • It seals very well
    • Great for exterior sealer 
    • Quick curing capacity 


  • Dry so quickly, that way sometimes it difficult to work with

7. Best For Sink And Glass Area: GE284 Clear Silicone Caulk

GE284 Clear Silicone Caulk

Everyone has heard of silicone glue, which completely covers an area. Ge284 Clear Silicone Caulk is one of the best clear silicone caulks available. This is a fantastic solution for simple applications that need a little seal.

It’s easy to use, and the small size of this caulk makes it great for glass and kitchen areas. In the case of a long project, using a bigger cartridge-style caulk will save you money. This caulk is simple to apply and dries quickly, but it does not provide a clear finish. It gives a dazzling and foggy white color after drying.


    • Prevent mold growth around sinks
    • Best to line or glass shower enclosure
    • Easy application and dries fast 


8. Best For Using With Caulking Gun: Kwik 7079818001 Adhesive Latex Caulk

Kwik 7079818001 Adhesive Latex Caulk

Caulking guns are the most effective tool for applying Kwik 7079818001 Adhesive Latex Caulk. This caulk is excellent for repairing any major cracks that may have grown in the shower’s edges.

Attempt to fix a cracked shower drain cover with this product. After applying, it takes five days to become set. It lasts for a few months before breaking and developing mold. It is difficult to apply without a caulking gun, even if you cut the tip at a 90-degree angle. So, use a caulking gun to get the best result.



  • Not the best caulk for bathroom 

9. Best Budget Friendly: Red Devil 630-0406 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

Red Devil 630-0406 Siliconized Acrylic Caulk

630-0406 Red Devil Siliconized Acrylic Caulks are easy to use, and they are budget-friendly caulk, but they take a few days to dry completely. After putting this caulk on any surface, let it dry for 24 hours. Red Devil silicone is the best way to seal around the tub and other bathroom fixtures. It can be messy sometimes. 

But if you consider the cost of the caulk, then you can wear gloves to fix it up. When the caulk dries, it gets hard like grout or cement, which is a good thing. It doesn’t crack, peel, or change color for long.

The only problem is that it sometimes takes three days to dry completely, so you’ll need to plan ahead before using it in a moist environment.


    • Best product for any weather condition 
    • A Price friendly caulk
    • This caulk provides a smooth bead after applying


  • It turns yellow after dried
  • Take a long time to become dry

10. Best For Versatile Usage: Dap Kwik 18001 White Adhesive Caulk

Dap Kwik 18001 White Adhesive Caulk

It is possible that using DAP Kwik Seal Ultra in a shower can fully prevent mold. This specific caulk has a siliconized formula that provides a dazzling white surface, resists stains, dirt, and water, and offers a watertight seal. Moreover, it is a versatile caulk that is both useful for the interior and exterior.

Therefore, the dried look of this specific caulk on the shower gives a nicer look than any other caulk. This caulk is simple to work with, does not need much cleaning, and has a nice flow. The one thing about this product is that this caulk does not require painting.


    • Easy to Apply
    • This is not cranky at all


  • Do not provide a stable seal

3 Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Caulk for Showers

Caulk is a very common element for home projects, and its significance for a shower cannot be denied. Make sure the packaging has detailed information regarding the caulk before selecting it for your shower. Both silicone and latex caulk are excellent options for bathroom caulking.

Although silicone has the ability to prevent mold and mildew the most, latex is a preferable alternative because it is easier to manage with moisture.

Three things need to keep in mind before buying caulk for a shower.

Types of caulk

Silicone and latex are two types of caulk that people use in showers to prevent mildew.

Pure silicone is the best caulk to use in showers and does not require paint. It is flexible and absorbs water. Moreover, silicone is best for any temperature and mold resistance. On the other hand, siliconized latex or acrylic caulk are also good choices for showers because they do not crack easily. But latex does not last as long as silicone. So, most people choose silicone caulk.

Curing duration

Choose a type of caulk that sets up in less time. Since the shower is a damp place, the faster it dries, the less likely it is to crack. Both latex and silicone harden in 30 minutes to 12 hours and cure in 2 hours to 10 days.


Stop using caulk from low-quality brands in your shower, since these caulks do not perform as well as higher-quality brands in preventing mold growth. Buy a well-known brand of caulk, such as DAP, Gorilla, Sashco, or one of the many others available.

Editor’s Notes

In the end, we can say that our experts just listed the best shower caulk for DIYers. Choose according to their advice to make your shower mold-free. One more thing that users need to keep in mind is that, apart from caulking, a shower requires care and regular maintenance.

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