What Is A 1.5 Bathroom?

A 1 5 bathroom

Are you confused about the term 1.5 bathroom like others? It happens since it is used in many industries, including real estate and Airbnb. For this, the consumers need help understanding the definition, and sometimes they start debating the real meaning of 1.5 bathrooms.

Well, here I will share everything in depth about the perplexing bathroom and provide you with ultimate clarification. So, read the below section and eliminate all your misconceptions about the 1.5 bathrooms.

What Does 1.5 Bathroom Mean?

The 1.5 bathroom means an apartment with a full bathroom and a half bathroom. Therefore, a full bathroom contains a sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower, while a half bathroom typically has a sink and a toilet. In addition, the half bathroom is also named a guest bath or a powder room. 

However, a full bath and a half bath can be attached together, which results in a 1.5 bath. And you can separate them by the door or curtain. Furthermore, the 1.5 baths can locate in two different places, like a full bathroom upstairs or a half bathroom downstairs.

Why is it Called 1.5 Bathrooms?

When a bathroom combines a full bath (sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower) and a half bath (sink and toilet), you can call it a 1.5 bathroom. There are other types of bathrooms, such as 1.0 bath, 2.5 bath, and 1.7 bath. However, depending on the four main parts, you can change bathrooms by adding or removing fixtures.

Where to Add the 1.5 Bathroom?

Where can I add a new 1.5 bath? This is the question I frequently come across. You can install the 1.5 bathrooms in many places in your apartment. In addition, it takes about 60 to 70 square feet and installs the fixtures conveniently. Surprising, right?

However, you can easily establish a new 1.5 bathroom if the electrical outlets, ventilation, and adequate sound insulation are available. So, let’s see some places in your house where you can add a new bath. 

Hallways: An ideal site for a new bathroom can be your hallway if it runs the entire length of your home and ends in a window with no rooms on each side.

Existing Bathroom: The two compact bathrooms will be much more comfortable rather than one large one. Additionally, you can simply divide that existing bathroom by adding the essential fixtures to each side.

Closet: If the home closet is adjacent, you can break down the wall separating them and create space for a half-bath.

Bedrooms: A master bedroom that is big enough can have some extra space. That area can be separated and will be helpful for your new bathroom. For example, you can make partitions and put a sink and toilet.

Tips for Adding 1.5 Bathroom

  • To start, decide how you want your new bathroom to look. Then, search online for inspiration and look at pictures from the internet and home improvement blogs.
  • Organize the placement of elements. For a lower plumbing expense, new fixtures are best put close to the existing water and waste lines when building a second bathroom.
  • You can install a sliding door or a door that swings out in your new bathroom. In addition, it will make your new bathroom easier to navigate for visitors and maximize the area available for fixtures.
  • Use a ducted fan or pre-fabricated skylight window to windowless rooms to provide ventilation when building a half bathroom.

What Makes 1.5 Bath Different from Other Bathrooms?

The 1.5 bath is convenient to use, enough for a medium-sized family. Thus you can save spending an extra buck on 2.0 or 2.5 bathrooms. Besides, the 1.5 baths can be placed in two separate rooms, which takes less space.

On the other hand, if you have a full bath, two users cannot use it at a time. Annoying, right? In this regard, you can add two fixtures (mentioned above) and make it 1.5 baths effortlessly, allowing you to use two users simultaneously.

How Does Adding 1.5 Bathrooms Change the Property Value?

Adding a new bath can be costly, but it will pay itself by increasing the property value. In addition, many prospective buyers prioritize looking for a house with at least two or more full bathrooms; no one likes to wait to take a shower or use the toilet.

However, adding a 1.5 bath will increase the property value by 5 to 10 percent.

Pros and Cons of a 1.5 Bathroom


  • Increase property value: Adding 1.5 bathrooms to your apartment will increase the property value, which is the most convenient benefit. 
  • Improve privacy: Since 1.5 bathroom allows you a two-room facility that enables you to use two members at a time, which will reduce user stress. And thus, 1.5 baths will ensure your security, not letting others see you.
  • Convenience: When someone is using the 1.0 bathroom, at the same time, you can use the 0.5 bathroom without disturbing another person. 
  • Increase storage: The 1.5 bathroom has ample storage space, allowing you to keep more shower and makeup items. 
  • Stylish and custom features: You can convert a 1.0 bathroom into a 1.5-bathroom based on your preference when you buy a new house or move to an apartment.


  • Requires more maintenance and cleaning: The half bath has a sink and toilet; they often require cleaning and maintenance simultaneously. 
  • Difficult to set up: Adding a new 1.5 bathroom is difficult to establish and beyond a DIY project. So, you have to hire a professional contractor, which will cost some extra dollars. 
  • Dealing with Code Enforcement: You must deal with building code enforcement for setting up 1.5 bathrooms in your home, which is a rule. Otherwise, you can get a fine or redo.

Accessories of a 1.5 Bathroom

There are many elements you should purchase to make the 1.5 bathrooms. But first, let’s take a look at the necessary accessories I’ve listed below:

Shower Curtain

The shower curtain can separate the bathtub from the toilet to set it in the middle of them. And a beautiful curtain can change the bathroom look, so before purchasing a shower curtain, check durability, style, and long-lasting.


In the bathroom, water easily splashes, and the floor can get slippery. Besides, the slippery bath is risky for everyone, especially kids who can fall and get hurt. So, attach a bathmat that can absorb the most water instantly and make the floor non-slippery.


You can place the wastebasket under the sink, beside the toilet or door. And make sure the basket fits under the sink before buying. However, you can easily throw any waste or trash into the basket without creating a mess. It will help you to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.


You can choose a light with adjustable brightness setting, allowing you to change the brightness according to your needs or moods. For instance, it lets you use a low setting during shower time and bright light for doing makeup.

Medicine Cabinet

You can keep all your bathroom necessities in a medicine cabinet. Before adding the medicine cabinet, ensure the size and store your requirements.

Towel Rack

A towel rack will save space so that you can move around. Therefore, if you have limited storage in your bathroom, consider wall-mounted towel racks.

Shower Caddy

The shower caddy can organize your shower items, shampoo, soap, or other products. And it will be convenient to reach, find, and prevent you from having clutter.

Towel Hook

The towel hook will save places from getting messy and make the bathroom more organized. And you can hang the hook on large items and bathrobes.

Bathroom Shelves

You can add bathroom shelves to keep daily essentials, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shavers. So, consider a shelf that is perfect for your item to hold and can make your bathroom looks aesthetic.

FAQs About 1.5 Bathroom

How big is a 1.5 bath?

The size of the 1.0 bathroom should be thirty to forty square feet or can be more widely, based on your choice. And the 1.5 bathroom could be around sixty to seventy square feet.

What does a 1.5-bathroom look like?

The 1.5 bathroom combines a full bathroom and a half bathroom. And the 1.0 bathroom has a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Besides, the half bathroom has a sink and a toilet. Therefore, the 1.5 bathroom is mostly found in large families or where visitors come more frequently.

What is a 2.5 bathroom meaning?

The 2.5 bathroom refers to an apartment with two full bathrooms and one-half bathroom. In addition, the two bathroom each has a sink, toilet, tub, and shower. And the half bath usually has a sink and toilet.

How much value does a 1.5-bathroom add?

Most of the time, adding a 1.5-bathroom to your apartment will increase the property value by 5 to 10 percent.

What is a 3/4 bathroom?

Traditionally, a 3/4 contains three of the main four fixtures of a full bathroom. That means a three-quarters bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower.

How much cost do I need to spend establishing a 1.5-bathroom?

If you already have a 1.0 bath, adding 0.5 bathrooms will cost $3000 to $5000. But if you build the new 1.5 bathrooms without a full bath, the expected cost is from $15,000 to $40,000.

What is the 1.5 bathroom in Airbnb?

On Airbnb, the 1.5 bathroom describes an apartment with a full bathroom and a half bathroom. A full bathroom has a sink, tub, toilet, and shower, whereas a half bath consists of a sink and toilet.

End Quote

The 1.5 bathroom is called a combination of two bathrooms, one full and one half. Well, it becomes mandatory for a more prominent family or who have visitors to come around more often.

In addition, it will bring in life privacy and flexibility; you can use it in an emergency when the full bathroom is booked, or any guest needs a quick makeup touch. Besides, adding a 1.5 bathroom will also increase your property’s value.

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