How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets

Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Finding cockroaches in your kitchen can cause a nightmare and make you feel awful. And cockroaches are unhealthy and spread disease. But, as we know, every problem comes with solutions, and cockroaches are no different.

There are both professional and DIY processes to solve this problem. However, if the freeway works, why do we need to hire a home specialist? This article will show you how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets without professional help. Let’s see some tips on how to remove cockroaches in the section below-

Why Do Cockroaches Love Kitchen Cabinets?

Cockroaches love to hide in dark and wet places, like other insects. There are many holes and tricky places to hide in the kitchen. Also, the kitchen has everything cockroaches need to live, including food, moisture, and a place. The cockroach could live in your sink, trash can, drain, wall, or a hole in your kitchen rack.

Now it is not a big deal that cockroaches are in your kitchen; instead, it is essential to figure out how to solve this problem.

So, let’s find out what to do.

How to Throw Cockroaches Out from the Kitchen

There are various ways to prevent cockroaches in kitchen cabinets. However, if you don’t act immediately, the cockroaches multiply at night and spread nasty diseases. I have mentioned some tips to get rid of cockroaches in the section below; take a look.

1. Boric acid bin THE cockroaches forever

Boric acid bin THE cockroaches forever
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Boric acid is an excellent remedy to remove and stop cockroaches from growing in the kitchen. You can use the acid with flour and sugar to get a more effective result. And mix the ingredients in equal parts; this mixture will resemble dough. Whenever the dough is prepared, cut it into pieces and spread them in the areas where cockroaches have been spotted. 

And this will go on them, and as they try to clean their body, they will devour the boric acid and finally die. But it is harmful, so be aware and wear a mask and gloves while using boric acid. And can cause food poisoning also, so never use it around food and dishes.

2. Sodium bicarbonate is an option

Sodium bicarbonate
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Baking soda is the second solution to cockroach colonization. It is the most straightforward remedy because common ingredients are obtainable in everyone’s house. To make the solution, combine the baking soda with chopped onions and water. 

After that, spray the liquid on the edge of your kitchen cabinet. Due to a chemical reaction, cockroach stomachs swell and burst after they eat the baking soda.

3. Lemon squeeze

Lemon squeeze
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People like how citrus fruits smell, but you might be surprised to learn that lemon juice is an excellent way to keep cockroaches away. Cockroaches avoid citrus because of their sour taste and acid reaction.

To prevent cockroaches in the kitchen, blend water and lemon juice. Then spray the liquid where the cockroach can be found. That is a chemical-free, easy solution to get rid of cockroaches.

4. Use caulk

Holes and broken walls are cockroaches’ favorite places to live. Therefore, it is better to fill them with caulk so they cannot colonize. Sealing the wall gap with caulk is an effortless solution. And remember, use a water-resistant caulk when filling gaps in your kitchen with a caulk gun.

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5. Use Cimexa powder and bay leaves

Cimexa powder
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Cimexa powder and bay leaves are usually used to remove bugs, insects, and cockroaches. Since Cimexa powder won’t release dangerous substances into the air, you can spread it throughout your home and kitchen cabinets. 

In addition, spread this evenly across your house’s cracks and crevices, paying particular attention to the cabinets and kitchen sink areas. If it’s applied unevenly, roaches will avoid it, so ensure it covers all your crevices and cracks without being patchy. And the dust harms the cockroaches’ exoskeleton, ultimately leading to dehydration and death. 

On the other hand, bay leaves are a natural remedy whose smell makes cockroaches away, and you can put a few bay leaves across the kitchen.

6. Sprays with cockroach killer and gel baits

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Cockroach killer sprays are the most common method to remove cockroach infestation. There are several roach-killer products accessible in the market. However, spraying these items around your house requires caution because many are poisonous and toxic to breathe in, especially if you have young children or pets.

Be careful while using roach killer sprays close to food items because it can be the reason for food poisoning.

Whereas, Gel baits are another product to remove cockroaches from your house and kitchen cabinet. Put a few drops of the cockroach bait in various places along the base of your kitchen cabinet, underneath the sink, and in any other locations, you believe they might be hiding.

However, the Gel bait is unlike powder and aerosol; they usually spread over the house and foods; it stays as a gel. Besides, you can use gel bait on cards and a piece of paper, making the cleanup easier.  

After dabbing the gel places, check your cockroach bait frequently, and if it has been consumed, refill it.

7. Apply borax powder

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Borax powder is a familiar home cleaning item; it can prevent cockroaches and ants from the kitchen. That is a typical household cleaning powder used in kitchens to reduce mold, mildew, and other specific kitchen cabinet issues.

Before applying the Borax powder, empty the kitchen cabinet and clean them with the powder. Then put every item in their places.

8. Fix water leaks and keep clean your kitchen

Fix water leaks and keep clean your kitchen
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Water sources can keep cockroaches alive, and it’s easy for them to find leakage and little spills in the kitchen. Check under the faucet and sink; fix these immediately. The roaches will starve if the water and moisture are removed, and they will either die or have to find a new area to live in.

And keep your kitchen neat and clean regularly after eating and cooking. Food is the most common source that attracts cockroaches. You can either cover them perfectly or put them inside the refrigerator. That will surely make them stop over food.

Bottom Line

Cockroaches are among the most pervasive and damaging pests in houses. They are not only challenging to notice and eliminate, but they also taint food and damage property in any kitchen area.

But the good thing is there are several approaches to removing cockroaches from kitchen cabinets that I have already mentioned above. So, using these tricks and tips can end your cockroach problem once and for all.

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