How Much Does it Cost to Add a Bathroom [Estimating The Price]

A New Bathroom

If you are a homeowner, you probably already have one or two bathrooms in your home, but you are thinking of adding another bathroom in the near future. Then you must be informed of how much the bathroom will cost you.

Suppose you start a project to construct a bathroom without estimating the cost. The project could end up with a high overall price. So, it would help if you decided whether you want to build a brand-new bathroom or renovate the existing bathroom. Because both of their pricing structures are completely different from one another.

In this article, we will discuss how much does it cost to add a bathroom, and we will also discuss the cost of a new bathroom, bathroom remodeling, and so on.

Is It Beneficial to Add a Bathroom?

According to the National Association of Realtors, 72 percent of homeowners add a bathroom to their homes to boost their overall level of comfort.

First, if you have a large family, adding another bathroom to your home might reduce the chaos and overcrowding that occurs in a single bathroom. 

Secondly, having an additional bathroom provides more privacy. A person who feels uncomfortable using a washroom that is located in a shared location. He may feel comfortable using a bathroom that is attached to a bedroom. 

And finally, an additional bathroom helps family members keep the house neat and clean.

Best Place for Adding a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to a room may sound great, but adding a bathroom in an awkward place can ruin the interior look of your home. There are three best places to add a bathroom. 

1. Bedroom

The best place to put a bathroom is in the bedroom. Not only does it make the room feel more luxurious, but it also indicates you don’t have to leave the room every time you need to go to the bathroom.

2. Drawing Room

A drawing room is another best place for adding a bathroom. This bathroom can help your guests use the washroom when they need it. 

3. Kitchen

Adding a third bathroom to the kitchen is a wise decision. It helps the one who is cooking. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that the kitchen bathroom should be added on the balcony, not in the kitchen.

Considerable Aspect of Bathroom Cost

It doesn’t matter how much money you have because you can improve your bathroom condition within your budget. It could be adding a new bathroom or remodeling an existing bathroom. The cost of a bathroom depends on a few factors. Let’s have a look.

  • Considerations in Construction

A half bath is a good choice if you need an extra toilet but don’t want to spend as much on a full bathroom. However, full bathrooms with separate tubs and showers are more expensive. Before starting any construction, decide if you need a new bathroom or just remodeling.

  • The plumbing system cost

The cost of a bathroom depends on the plumbing system as well. If it is unnecessary, do not make any significant changes to your bathroom’s plumbing system.

  • Location

The location of the new bathroom might significantly impact the overall cost of adding a bathroom. However, there are a few typical locations inside a house that are suitable for the installation of a new bathroom. For example, you can install it in a basement, attic, bedroom, or closet.

  • Additional setup

The shower or bathtub is counted as an additional setup. If the bathtub size is large, the price could be high, and the installation cost could be $3,000. So think twice before adding such an expensive addition to your bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost to Add a New Bathroom?

Making a new bathroom cost depends on the size and shape. But the typical cost range for a new bathroom is $35,000 to $60,000. But sometimes it can cost more than $90000. This is because making a new bathroom covers all costs, for instance, labor, flooring, shower, tap, bathtub, etc.

Excluding additional costs to set up a basic bathroom, it usually costs $1500 to $2000 for installation. An average may cost $3000 to $6000, and a high-quality cost for $6000 to $15000.

Most new bathrooms cost between $200 and $300 per square foot to install. The square footage of space is one of the most important factors in figuring out how much it will cost to install a bathroom. A basic bathroom can cost as little as $50 per square foot, while a high-end one can cost up to $650 per square foot. Since the cost is based on square footage, bigger spaces will be more expensive.

Here is a chart of different types of new bathroom setups costing.

Types of new bathroomCosting
Modern Bathroom Cost$4000 to $10000
Traditional Bathroom Cost$4000 to $6000
Luxury Bathroom Cost$7000 to $15000

Note: A new bathroom costs more than remodeling, so try to remodel your bathroom material than build a new one.

Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling refers to transforming an old bathroom into a new one. The bathroom remodeling price range starts from $2000 to $25,000. Of course, bathroom remodeling costs depend on the size and type. And sometimes, the price can be raised by up to $30,000. But still, bathroom remodeling is the cheapest way to add a new one.

The cost of remodeling a bathroom will vary based on factors such as the size of the room, the layout, the number of fixtures, and the quality of the materials used. For example, people spend 15% of their budget on fixtures and flooring and 5% on painting.

A DIYer can rebuild a bathroom for $2,100 to $3,100. Create a list of your desires in order of priority, then use the project budget to determine how much you should spend and how much you should save.

Here is a chat about different bathroom remodeling and their costing.

Type of remodelingCosting
Half-bath remodeling$2000–$5000
Full-bath remodeling$6000-$15000
Basic remodeling$10000-$30000
Luxury remodeling$50000- $100000

Note: The typical cost to remodel a bathroom is $2000 to $25,000. Premium fixtures and customized products can significantly increase the average price per square foot from $150 to $250. So, avoid using customized accessories.

Additional Costing for Bathroom

A bathroom addition can cost $2,500 on average, but sometimes it can cost around $7,600. Adding a new bathroom with high-class additional accessories can charge an extra $47,000 to $87,000 on average. Here is some additional evidence of the cost of a bathroom.

  • Investment in Architect- The price of hiring an architect to design your new bathroom might range from $2009 to $9336. 
  • Pipe installation- Pipe installation of a bathroom cost around $1000
  • Lighting cost- Bathroom lighting costs can vary according to the owner’s choice, but on average, you should expect to pay between $25 and $50.
  • Tiling cost- Prices for bathroom tiles depend on the material. But on average tiling costs stayed between $40 and $50 per square foot, while glass tiles may cost between $110 and $160 per square foot. So, the total cost of hiring a tiler will probably be between $500 and $800.
  • Flooring cost- Waterproof flooring installation costs may range from $1,500 to $4,500, with the ultimate cost heavily dependent on the quality of the flooring chosen.
  • Labor cost- The labor cost for bathroom installation is $1400 to $6500.
  • Replastering cost- The cost of plastering materials for a standard-sized bathroom is approximately $50 to $100.
  • Toilet installation cost- The average cost of a toilet is between $100 and $200, while expert installation will charge you an average of $300 to $500.

Supply Cost

The term “Supply Costs” refers to any damage, allowances, or refunds for items supplied or services that have been taken.

Let’s look at a chart of bathroom supply costs.

Material NameCost
Manual Shower Cost$40 to $200
Electric Shower Cost$60 to $250
Power Shower Cost$200 to $500
Sink Cost$50 to $200
Bath Tub Cost$100 to $400
Taps Cost$40 to $100

How to Cut the Cost of Bathroom Making?

We already know that the cost of bathroom making depends on several aspects, but we can cut some costs while making a bathroom.

What are they? Let’s have a look.


Labor costs for a bathroom project can vary from $1,400 to $6,500. With this money, you may buy some additional items. So, instead of hiring workers, you should do all of the work yourself. It will save you money on the extra labor costs, and you will have more time to practice on a bathroom project.


Don’t always think about buying new things and accessories. Try to find new uses for things you’ve used before. For example, when you are remodeling your bathroom or building an extra bathroom for your home, that means your home has old weapons and supplies already. Use them to your advantage.

Make the Best Use of Sunlight

There is a possibility that the expensive lighting is the reason for the cost difficulty. For example, suppose you install a ventilation system in your bathroom that provides enough lighting in the daytime. Then it will save electricity costs, and you do not need to keep the lights on all the time.


How much would it cost to install a bathroom?

The cost of adding a new bathroom is approximately $35,000. Modifying an old bathroom can reduce construction expenses by 40-60%. The average cost of remodeling a bathroom will cost $2,000 to $25000.

Can I put a bathroom anywhere in my house?

If you have enough money, you can put any kind of bathroom in any part of your home. But it will be smart to set up a bathroom in a place where everyone in your family will feel comfortable.

Ending Statement

So installing a bathroom requires a lot of research and preparation. Before starting to add a bathroom, keep at least a minimum budget in your hand so that you can finish your task in a proper manner.

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