Does Walgreens Have A Bathroom For Customers

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Walgreens, the largest pharmacy chain in the USA, has thousands of outlets. They have to serve millions of customers daily. That’s why a large number of employees are working for Walgreens. So, it’s a very common fact that those outlets must have bathrooms for their staff.

But our concern is, does Walgreens have a bathroom for their customers? Can a customer use their bathroom even if s/he is not purchasing anything? Or, even if he is able to use the bathroom, do the bathroom hygienic enough?

Well, in our research, we found many facts which are quite impressive. So, in our article, we will share those facts related to Walgreens bathroom facilities. So, keep reading!

Walgreens Have Bathrooms for Their Staff / Customers

You already got your answer by reading the heading. Actually, Restroom facilities are available in Walgreens outlets all across the country. These restrooms are designed to meet the requirements of everyone who uses them, including the elderly, children, and people with disabilities. They have contemporary bathroom fittings, running water, and toilet paper to make using the restroom healthy and hygienic.

However, prior to 2018, only Walgreens employees had access to the bathrooms. Therefore, customers have to ask staff permission to use the restroom at that time. However, in 2018, Walgreens changed its policy and allowed anybody to use the facilities in response to complaints and challenges.

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At more than 8,450 Walgreens outlets in the USA, you will now get a restroom facility. But sometimes, you may find the restroom locked. In that case, you will have to ask their staff to open the restroom for you. This is their open facility to all customers.

Why Walgreens Provides Public Restroom


Walgreens, as a business giant, has some strategic policies. This one is one of them, in the year 2018, based on an occurrence that happened in Hollywood, where a customer complained that one of their staff discriminated against her by stopping her from using their bathroom.

Numerous publications, including Los Angeles Times, and news websites published it in the victim’s favor and criticized the action. Following that, Walgreens implemented a corporate policy allowing people to use the restroom according to their gender identification.

Are Walgreens Restrooms Hygienic

Credit: PUBLIC RESTROOM REVIEW- Walgreens (Mars, PA)

The bathrooms at Walgreens are well-kept and neat, and tidy. In order to avoid nasty situations for users, they take care to frequently clean and maintain the restrooms.

In actuality, everyone who uses the restroom contributes to keeping it clean. It would be very wrong to dump goods that belong in the trash can there and then fail to empty the toilet after using it.

Credit: PUBLIC RESTROOM REVIEW- Walgreens (Mars, PA)

However, if you use the Walgreens public restroom and see that it is unclean, you can point this out to the staff and request that they clean it.

Do you know about Ally’s Law?

The Ally’s Law is a law that allows everyone accesses to restrooms and is endorsed by numerous states in the United States. The law is named after Illinois teen Ally Bain, who had suffered from Crohn’s disease after being denied access to the employee-only bathroom while experiencing a flare-up of her Crohn’s condition.

This law, which was enacted by a number of American states, mandates that retail enterprises that provide restrooms for their employees also permit customers to use the facilities if the customer has a medical condition that necessitates rapid access to a restroom.


Now that we know that Walgreens does indeed provide public restrooms, we may draw that conclusion. The restrooms are clean and hygienic. They are kept closed until a request to use them is made and cater to people with various gender identities. So, feel free to use the restroom whenever you stop by a Walgreens shop.

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