Best Home Design Ideas for Texas Hill Country: Homeowner’s Choice

Texas Hill Country Home

Texas hill country is one of the places in the world with a distinct style of homes. All the local Texans follow these styles when they make any home there. Texas hill country home designs are aesthetic, unique, and mostly made of local materials.

In addition, when someone this of a Texas hill country home, the first thing that will come to mind is a single-story building with ranches. However, many Texas hill country home doesn’t have any ranches and are essentially two-story building.

A Texas hill country home has many features that make the style unique. Are you finding the Texas hill country home design ideas? We are here to give you some design ideas to help you make your Texas hill country home.

12 Texas Hill Country Home Design Ideas

The real Texas hill country home has some specific features. You must ensure that your home has most of these features if you want to make it a Texas hill country home. Besides, we are giving some home design ideas you can follow in your projects.

1. Gridded Front Windows

In the Texas hill country home, you will get a small front window that is essentially lightly grided. Instead of the big oversized single glass panel, small, gridded windows that look like a piece of artwork are used here. This type of window is perfect for the home’s best light and temperature control.

Image: @carterfamilyranchhome

All the Texas hill country homes have this type of window. As you are searching for this type of design, you also have to make small gridded front windows in your home. These windows give the home an aesthetic and cool look from the front.

2. Metal Roof

Texas Metal Roof Design
Source: NCinDC/openverse

In these houses, you will get metal roofs for their best functionality. Metal roofs are very durable, and you can easily take care of these roofs. Besides, in Texas hill country, the summers are really hot. Metal roofs are best for extreme temperatures. It can resist high temperatures and ensure the best environment inside the home.

Besides, it works best also in the winter. Metal roofs are much better protection for winter weather damages than all other roofing materials. This roof doesn’t be brittle even in extremely cold weather. It’s energy-efficient and the best shed for snow. These are the reasons people have been using this roofing material for more than 200 years. However, some other materials are rarely used as flooring material there.

3. Gabble Roof

Image credit: carterfamilyranchhome

Gabble roof is the design where two sloping sides of the roof meet at the peak. It is the kind the kids mostly draw. You will find these gabble roofs in almost all the Texas hill country homes. Gabble roofs make the ceiling high and temperature-controlled inside the home. With this high ceiling, you will get a fantastic interior of this house. Besides, the outdoors also looks very aesthetic and rustic. So, to make an authentic Texas hill country home, you must make a gabble roof.

4. White Texas Limestone

White Texas Limestone
Photo: Ipinimg

You will get the limestones easily available in the Texas hill country areas. As this type of house has been made since 1800, people had only limestone to make structure walls. After using it, they found it very durable and beneficial for the home. From that time till today, limestone has been used to make these houses.

Using white limestone in the exterior walls actually makes the home very durable and keeps the inside cool even in extremely hot weather. Besides, stacked stone accents are used on the fireplace, interior wall, and kitchen areas. So, you also have to use it for the exterior, interior walls, and some other areas to make your hill country home.

5. Wooden Pillars and Rafters

Source: wesmarconstruction / Instagram

Most Texas hill country homes are made of wooden pillars and exposed rafters. Besides, railings and door mantels are also wooden in these houses. Dark woods look fantastic, while limestone makes the home very beautiful. These types of pillars and rafters add the perfect Texas hill country touch to your home. So, you definitely have to consider it when you are making your home.

6. Outbuilding

Texas Outbuilding Design
Image credit: Ipinimg

In the 18th century, these houses were made with, some surrounded by small outbuildings. This design is being followed even in this modern Texas hill country home. Outbuildings are mainly for guest rooms and sometimes house offices. Nowadays, people also use these outbuildings as the gym, garage, play house, workshop, garden shed, storage building, etc.

7. Two-Story Construction

Image source: don_gardner_architects

Except for the ranch home, most Texas hill country homes are two-storied. To manage more capacity for the people in your family, you may need more spaces and rooms in your home. In that case, you can build a two-story home for yourself. From the second floor, you will get the very attractive scenery of the hill country.

8. Tall Ceiling

Tall Ceiling Home Design
Image: Ipinimg

Tall ceilings are one of the most common features of texas hill country homes. In these houses, you will get ample, airy space. The tall ceiling gives you an open and light feel. When you enter the home, you will not feel suffocated at all. If you shift from a normal house to a hill country house, you will feel everything is short or small because of this tall ceiling. All your furniture will look small here. At that time, you may need to change some of your furniture.

9. Exposed Wood Beam

Exposed Wood Beam
Image Source: Ipinimg

In all traditional houses, you will get exposed wooden beams. Like all other traditional houses, you will also get the exposed wood beam in the Texas hill country homes. It gives an interior look that is more aesthetic and eye-catching. By using it, the home looks more rustic.

10. Large Room and Open Space

Image: Instagram

All the rooms are very large in the hill country homes, and you will get a lot of open space here. That is why these homes always give a vacation feel. It’s the best place for gathering and entertainment. This open space helps people to reduce their stress. So, when you come to the house, you will feel relaxed. So, you must make sure that your home has all large rooms and enough open spaces.

11. Stone Fireplace

Image Credit: mollyinmaine

In the winter, it is too cold in Texas hill country. That is why the fireplace is essential to Texas hill country houses. It is also made of limestone to match the exterior designs. Limestone generally makes the homes close to nature. So the entire design gives a very natural look which is one of the reasons for the huge popularity of Texas hill country homes.

12. Dark Wood Floor

Dark Wood Floor Interior Design
Source: Ipinimg

The dark wooden floor is the best combination with the white limestone walls and fireplace. In these houses, dark wooden floorings are mostly used. It can warm the space and make the place more relaxed for you. This dark wooden floor is absolutely appropriate for the extreme cold of hill country winter.


Well, there are mainly the most popular Texas hill country home design ideas. We have provided all the needed information to understand the design of this house. You have to follow these designs if you want to make an authentic Texas hill country home.

These homes are really trendy for their unique and aesthetic style. Besides, it provides the best place for relaxation and entertainment. So, it’s a good decision to make this style home. That’s all about this topic. Hopefully, you will find this article very helpful. If you have any further confusion regarding this topic, let us know in the comment section.

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