What is Modern Southwestern Interior Design? Explore the Modern Style

Due to traditional reasons, many people like to decorate their homes in the style of western fashion. There are some traditional specialties in Southwestern interior design. You may not know much about how to plan home at an early stage.

In this case, there is a need to understand different information about interior design. So, we are here to provide you with accurate information on what is southwestern home style?

Let’s talk about it.

Nowadays, most people want to have western influence in building their homes. Decorating means that it is a Southwestern-style house. It is an entirely wrong idea. The houses of that style have specific characteristics, these house’s designs, colors, furniture, etc. As the Southwestern style is evident here, the unique demand and acceptance of homes of this design to everyone are increasing.

Modern Southwestern Interior Design

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Southwestern style is a very popular interior design, which makes your home more beautiful, modern, and visually pleasing. Southwestern-style interior design houses feature desert landscapes and the beauty of the Old West. This design combines old with new. The use of soil results in indomitable strength and a refined design.

You can use that interior design’s help anywhere in your house to express your feelings. Generally, you can use gray, brown like mahogany, green like cactus, and pink in such homes. Also, yellow like bright sunlight, burning orange like fire, and turquoise like cloudless sky are notable. The Southwestern style of public liveliness and welcoming atmosphere captivates everyone.

Using natural ingredients enhances your home’s elegance and makes it comfortable. Then, you can place large seats in the living room for upholstery which is a unique attraction of this interior design. On the other hand, the use of various items and mosaics made of leather in the Southwestern style is very noticeable. Therefore, the demand for Southwestern is much higher than other designs.

Beginnings of Modern Southwestern Interior Design

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Analysis of history shows that Europeans from Spain settled in the southwestern part of the Americas. So, naturally, the design style of Spain has a strong influence on the Southwestern style. The traditional architecture around the region is American-designed. Spanish-designed houses are still being built in some areas.

The Southwestern style has Mexican influences in modern interior design as well. Traditional Adobe-style homes go a long way in representing the region’s comfortable lifestyle. It is known that Native Americans used to live in this area. Subsequently, the Spaniards successfully occupied the territory through invasions. The Navajo tribe was the most powerful and prominent at that time.

The Navajo people have considerable talent in textiles and handicrafts. They have written glorious histories for their talents in craftsmanship. The Navajo tribes specialize in quilts, blankets, and distinctive graphic designs. Southwestern-style woven baskets and pottery also inspired the Navajo tribes in many other arts. In particular, the interest and talent of the people of this community in the creative industry were significant.

Southwestern cultural influence has greatly expanded due to the incorporation of American culture. Those who lived in the American Southwest at the time were missionaries and pastoralists. They had no greed for wealth. They liked to live a simple and minimal life. The way of life of that time is still trendy in the region’s interior design.

You will find wooden furniture in most interior designs in that area. Still, some people in the area make a living by raising livestock and farming. Most of the rural houses of the people in this area are decorated using various aesthetic items of the farm. Therefore, the use of cow dental floss, horns, and leather in Southwestern style interior design is notable. You can use these to create a variety of home decor items.

Elements of Southwestern Style

Always pay attention to your choices when it comes to the interior decoration of your home or any other building. Home furniture and other fancy items should be chosen according to your and your family’s lifestyle.

In this case, there are some essential elements of the Southwestern style. The style is rapidly gaining popularity for its rustic and earthy look. The main elements of the Southwestern style are given below.

Simple and white walls: In general, the use of white color is more common in the walls of traditional Spanish colonial houses. A simple backdrop enhances the beauty of any texture and earthy tone in your home. The white walls help to brighten up the dark space. It is suitable for illuminating the interior.

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Soil color palette: Terracotta, brown, green, pink, and turquoise are some of the colors commonly seen in Southwestern decor. They choose those colors for their homes or other buildings by imitating the surrounding desert environment.

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In addition, some colors are available to the indigenous tribes, who pay homage to them by using those colors. If you want more vibrant tones like woven textiles, brass, copper planters, and mirrors, then feel free to choose the earthy color palette.

Layered Textures:

Layered Texture: @carterfamilyranchhome

Modern textures and diversity of ledge are especially suitable for enhancing the beauty and quality of your home. Southwestern-style houses use special materials to improve the aristocracy. Beds, sofas, and seating are usually arranged with cow or sheep’s wool pillows. Also, the primary purpose is to present an attractive and visually pleasing pair of lively woven rugs with a hardwood coffee table.

Wooden Furniture:

Wooden furniture helps to give your home a rural look. In it, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the rural environment in your own home. Wooden ceilings and beams are visible in most of the Southwestern-style houses.

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Wood is traditionally used in the construction of houses to enhance beauty and make it attractive. Don’t be afraid to use wood on the walls as it helps to make the floor of your building stronger. To express the nobility, you can decorate the house with wooden tables, chairs, cupboards, and other furniture.

Hammer Metal:

Many prefer hammer metal to decorate the house in Southwestern style. Things made of hammer metal are the top choice of many. Ferrous metal lighting fixtures and accents help to add a unique dimension by enhancing the house’s beauty. If you like extra colors and textures, you can use different finishes, including old bronze, copper, and brass.

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Textured Surface: The walls, roofs, and floors of Southwestern-style houses are mostly made of traditional materials. Try finishing the paint treatment with a thick cloth to enhance the look. Pay close attention to rough, stucco, plaster, and adobe to make your home design unique. Remember, if any friction breaks the layers of texture, the smooth surfaces will instantly fall apart. So, arrange a specific place for storing soft materials.

What Defines Southwest Interior Design?

Now, many home interiors are decorated following this design. Do you know where these designs came from? Basically, these are unique designs collected from different states of American Southwestern. The popular designs included in the Southwestern style represent the region’s lifestyle. The art combines the love, passion, and wonderful creativity of the people of those regions.

Since the indigenous people here were skilled in handicrafts, they used to make baskets of different designs by hand. Moreover, they used to make dresses, sheets, covers, etc. of different designs with hand-knitted fabrics.

Then, with clay, they made many things for daily necessities and to decorate the house. Lately, the trend of using leather sofas has increased but these are noticeable from the beginning of interior design. At that time indigenous people used animal skins to make furniture.

Iron doors, windows, chests, and other things were very popular then. The fancy and the rich were in great demand for things made of iron. Originally, iron was then used significantly to ensure safety. Besides, carved wooden tables, beds, cupboards, etc. were the center of attraction of all. They were fascinated by things made of natural and eco-friendly materials.

In particular, the natural materials used in this design make the human mind happy. Indeed, the designers have made significant contributions to the history of handicrafts, pottery, handicrafts, iron, and leather. This interior design is important to make your home a part of history. So, you can make your home in Southwestern style.

Southwestern Interior Design: Outstanding Characteristics

Here, you can use the ideas in the house’s designs. The following are some of the critical features of Southwestern-style homes.


Southwestern Bedroom: vintagecowgirlcases

Everyone loves a peaceful and secluded environment in their bedroom. Everyone wants to go to the bedroom and get rid of their fatigue. So, ensuring a peaceful environment in the bedroom is one of the features of Southwestern-style houses.

In the bedrooms of these style houses, special importance is given to the iron-framed beds, dressing tables, cupboards, etc. Hanging heavy blankets on the bed and mosquito nets on the ceiling will significantly enhance the beauty of your bedroom.


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The use of warm colors and natural materials in the kitchen of Southwestern-style houses is significant. When planning the building design, plenty of natural light enters the kitchen. Note that the kitchen tiles of the houses of this style are made of a combination of terracotta. The wide pine floor is especially noticeable in such kitchens.

Typically, kitchen floors are made of terracotta or stone. Being made of terracotta or stone enhances the house’s beauty and helps express aristocracy. Particular importance is given to cabinets and utensils for decorating the kitchen. In addition, you can install wide pine shelves with cabinets at the top to display the dishes neatly and neatly.

Living Room

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Those who prefer the Southwestern style attach special importance to creating a pleasant atmosphere in the living room. Everyone in the living room likes to hang out, talk, and watch TV. Moreover, the use of the living room for many other needs is also noticeable. Since you will welcome your guests in that room, it is important to create a suitable environment. In most cases, focus on using bright colors on the walls of the living room.

Try using wooden furniture, leather goods, and colorful throw pillows to make this room more colorful. You can enhance the beauty by spreading burnt clay tiles on the floor and carpet in front of the seating area. Try using a bookshelf next to the coffee table and a unique lamp made of iron for adequate lighting. Also, you can decorate the wooden shelves with iron candles and various earthenware items on the walls.


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Want to make your home bathroom follow Southwestern style? Then try to use lots of natural stone on the floor and walls. It is essential to make the bathroom comfortable and prosperous. Set a vanity top and compatible mirror made with border tiles in your bathroom.

Use copper colors in the bathroom sinks, faucets, and showers to enhance elegance. Make sure that the things you need in the bathroom are porcelain and brown.

Add Some Southwest Style

Following the Southwestern style, your home will have a natural and rustic atmosphere. Decorate the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, balcony, etc., according to your choice. Be sure to consult with the designer if you have any special needs. If you build your home according to proper guidelines, you will surely succeed in getting a southwestern look.

Exterior Design in Southwestern Style

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Equal importance is given to the interior and exterior design in Southwestern-style houses. Rows of wooden beams and vegas are especially suitable for enhancing the beauty of the exterior wall. If your backyard is fenced, it will look decent.

Also, if there is a long veranda next to the house’s gate, it helps express nobility. The ornate grill craftsmanship on the windows will captivate everyone. You will be able to express your preferences and expressions by incorporating some traditional things in the modern design home.


1. Is Southwestern decor popular?

Ans: The earthy color palette, various traditional handmade items for home decoration, and the comfortable design of the house make the Southwestern style very popular.

2. What is southwestern bohemian?

Ans: Typically, houses with southwestern bohemian designs have mixed prints. Carved wood furniture and earthenware are the main features of this design.

3. What are Southwestern colors?

Ans: The most common colors in the Southwestern palette are copper, gold, silver, gray, etc. Moreover, bright colors include purple, turquoise, blue, etc.

Final Thoughts

The entire history of the West can be highlighted through the design of the Southwestern interior. This style greatly impacts establishing any house or building as iconic. Do we already know what is southwestern style?

It is essential to know this before building a house. Hopefully, you will succeed in making your home in Southwestern style through interior design by following the right method.

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