Kitchen lighting for low ceilings: the best ideas for your house

Kitchen lighting for low ceilings: the best ideas (10+)

Many people who have low ceilings in the kitchen can think that there is no opportunity for them to have well-done and good-looking lighting in the kitchen. Fortunately, it is not quite correct. You can create wonderful lighting in the kitchen and enjoy the light and the design without making your ceiling higher or changing anything else.

You can surely make the best of low ceilings and find your kitchen lighting ideas. What you have to do is read about possible lighting solutions for kitchens with low ceilings and choose the design you like the most.

So, if you are interested in making your own special and original lighting in the kitchen, then in this article you can definitely learn about lighting.

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Kitchen lighting in general: several kinds of it

It is important to note that before doing anything new in the kitchen with lighting, you should get to know the general information about kitchen lighting for low ceilings and the types. There are several methods for you to get oriented on this topic. 

  1. The first one is the ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is general overall lighting when the whole kitchen space is lit. This is one of the most common types.
  2. The second type is accent lighting when only several places in the whole space are lit, like the lighting under the stove. 
  3. The third type is task lighting. Task lighting means the lighting for a certain task in a certain space. You are also able to use table lamps as task lighting and wall sconces as task lighting.
  4. And another kind of lighting is decorative lighting, the lighting is both part of the overall design and the light source at the same time.

There were general types of lighting. Now we can go to the design solutions for lighting in the kitchen with low ceilings.

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The best ideas for kitchen lighting with low ceilings

So, as it said, at this moment you can read about several lighting ideas to decorate your kitchen and provide it with proper lighting. Read it carefully and choose the option that suits you best and is appropriate for your kitchen. Find your kitchen lighting ideas here.

The flush-mount fixture

Flush-mount lights are lights that are situated near the ceiling or stuck to it fully. This type of lighting in the kitchen lights the kitchen in such a way that it extends just below the kitchen ceiling. The light from these light fixtures is substantial. 

The flush-mount ceiling light fixture is a perfect opportunity for you if you do not want to be disturbed by the lights hanging from the ceiling. This light fixture does not require much space, and at the same time, it lights your room well enough. And the flush ceiling lights definitely do not ruin the design of the kitchen. 

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The semi-flush mount

They can seem similar to flush-mount light fixtures, but the height of this type is not fully the same. And semi-flush: this light fixture is not attached right to the ceiling; between semi-flush lights and the ceiling is a certain distance, usually just several inches. 

But it does not mean that these light fixtures are less comfortable than the previous ones. This length will not be an obstruction at all. 

The recessed lighting

Another good option for you is recessed lighting. These lights are attached to the rafters and give the kitchen a good amount of light. The advantage of recessed lighting is that you do not have to make more space in the kitchen for it.

The lighting color temperatures can vary, the diameter is six inches, and they come with a white surround. The visibility of recessed lighting can not be blocked since it is directly attached to the ceiling.

The light of this type is great, but it is recommended to attach them with a good distance between them. 

So, if you have a kitchen with a very low ceiling, this lighting is definitely perfect for you.

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The pendant light

The special feature of the pendant lights is that they are attached to the ceiling by lacings. As you can see, there must be a certain distance between the pendant lights and the ceiling. They can provide accent lighting. The more light they provide, the better, and the more reasonable the place you choose for them.

So, the place must have no obstacles for the lights, since if there are obstacles, there is less light. And the distance of the pendant light from the ceiling must be such that you or anyone else will not touch it accidentally. The minimum distance, though, is thirty inches above the countertop. 

It is important to mention that you should select pendant lighting of appropriate sizes. And choose those that suit the kitchen with low ceilings the most, for example, airy pendant lights with clear glass. 

If you choose the pendant lights wisely, the result is going to be satisfying. Choose this or other kitchen lighting ideas.

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The chandelier

The chandelier may be a classical solution in such a situation, even with the low ceiling. It can be good ceiling lighting. They can easily make your kitchen special and create cozy ambient light.

You just get to select the chandelier of the correct size, color, and appearance that would be appropriate for the kitchen and would suit the design. 

When you selected the chandelier, you had to find a good place for it so that it would not be an obstacle in itself for you or anyone else because of the low ceilings. 

It is important to mention that the chandelier may be a good option, for instance, above the breakfast nook, creating a nice and comfy atmosphere.

The track lights

The track lights are good ceiling lights if you have low ceilings and a small kitchen space for accent lighting, like the kitchen sink. The track lights can bring light to the dark corners of the kitchen, for instance, above the kitchen island. This can look very good and make the kitchen brighter and cozier. The track lighting is especially good in the kitchen, whose design is modern. 

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The table lamp

The table lamp, like a dimmable table lamp, can be placed under the countertop, kitchen sink, or any other place that is usually dark, and the general lighting just can not reach it. In the narrow kitchen, the table lamps work especially well, so if you need to light some dark corners in the kitchen, like the kitchen island, they will be quite perfect. 

The table lamps do not take up much space, and they do not cost much money. 

The floor lamp

As you can tell from the name, the floor lamp is situated on the floor, and it does not depend on the ceiling at all. You can easily place them where you need them, and the floor lamps can easily light your kitchen. 

It is important to mention that it is recommended to place the floor lamp near the dinner table or in some corner, but ensure that there are no obstacles to them. 

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The ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is an interesting solution for a kitchen with low ceilings. At the same time, the ceiling fan provides you with light and airflow, making the kitchen more comfortable in the summer. There are many different forms of ceiling fans, so you can select the appropriate form for your kitchen design easily. 

The minimalist circular light

The minimalist circular light is a very good solution for you if you want a comfortable light that can make the kitchen island cozy. You can place the minimalist circular light right above the dining table and enjoy the atmosphere of the kitchen. You should select the model that would be appropriate for the kitchen. 

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The wall sconces

As you can tell, this type of lighting is attached to the walls of the kitchen for accent lighting. The wall lights can be situated in many different places in the dining room, for instance, under the table that touches the wall, on the kitchen island, or under the shelves with the dishes.

The light, that the wall lights are providing, is bright, and it is enough for a certain place, but, of course, it is not going to light the whole kitchen. 

You just have to find a good place for the sconces, and the ambiance of your kitchen will be substantially improved. When you select the wall sconces, also do not forget to choose the ones that are going to be quite appropriate for the general design of the kitchen.

The upper cabinet lights

Upper cabinet lighting is one of the greatest options for kitchen ceiling lights you can ever get. The ambient lighting in the kitchen that is going to be created by the upper lights is incredible. The cabinet lighting will not only make the kitchen brighter; it will also make it more stylish and modern. And it works especially well when you have a kitchen with a low ceiling. 

You can place them above the cabinets to make the room brighter and to create the illusion that the ceiling is longer. So, you get to choose the appropriate color of the lighting and place it above the suitable cabinets.

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The under-cabinet lights

The under-cabinet lights are as modern and stylish as the upper lights. You place them under any of the cabinets in the appropriate place. And the under-lights will make the space brighter, for instance, when you put them above the table or the shelves. You can also use LED strip lights and puck lights instead of light bulbs.

The inner cabinet lights

As you can tell, the inner lights can be placed inside the cabinets with glass doors and illuminate the contents of the cabinets. It is adding access lighting. For example, you are free to put the inner cabinet lights inside the cabinet with the dishes. It will not only make the content of the cabinets brighter and help you while cooking there, but it will also create a comfy atmosphere in the kitchen. 

It is recommended to add them to the kitchen since they are appropriate for any kitchen design. 

You can also apply LED strip lights or puck lights instead of classical lighting. And it will look as good as the classical lamps inside the cabinets.

Additional ways

With these options, you can also brighten up your kitchen.

The skylights

Another idea that can work perfectly well in a kitchen with a low ceiling is the skylight. You do not have to change the ceiling height of the kitchen to make the low ceilings higher. You can just make a sort of window in the ceiling. But there are certain conditions. You must have no other floor under the kitchen. And you must have an appropriate roof above the kitchen.

This solution is a little complicated, but if you contact a professional designer, it can work quite well. It is just necessary to ensure that the kitchen can afford the skylights.

Wide windows

You can not sacrifice the low ceiling to get proper lighting in the kitchen, but you can change the windows there. For instance, you can make them wider and higher and remove any curtains. Therefore, natural light will be able to get more access to the kitchen, and the kitchen is going to be much brighter without many lamps and artificial ambient light.

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In conclusion, there are many kitchen lighting ideas

As you know now, there are a lot of lighting options that can make the kitchen brighter and more comfortable, and cozy. All you have to do is choose the option that is suitable for the kitchen. And the kitchen lighting for low ceilings will provide your own ambient lighting.

You can install not one type but several at the same time. Surely, the dining room and the kitchen are going to be even better. But the decision is up to you, no doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you light a low-ceiling kitchen?

You can make the kitchen much brighter using many methods. For instance, you can easily apply sconce lights, chandeliers, flush mount lighting fixtures, pendant lights, recessed lighting, a ceiling fan, cabinet lighting, and natural light through the windows and the skylights.

You have a lot of opportunities to make the kitchen brighter. You should choose the one that is most appropriate for your own kitchen.

What lights to use for low ceiling height?

You can use natural light if you make the skylights or your windows higher and wider. And you can use artificial lights, for example, recessing lights, cabinet lights, table lamps, flush mount lights, pendant lights, and other types of lighting fixtures. A kitchen with a low ceiling can become brighter and more beautiful easily. 

What are the best lights for kitchen ceiling?

It depends on how exactly you want to decorate your kitchen and light it. Because there are really many ways to do it, from pendant lights to wall sconces and natural light. And it also depends on how much space there is in your kitchen. Because some of the lighting fixtures will be suitable and some will not.

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