Motion Sensor Light Stays On: Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

Protection of your property and family is a fundamental concern. There is nothing that one should compromise. If you are a business or homeowner, You must consider safety within your property and building maintenance program.

The homeowners must spend the time, effort, and funds to ensure they are secure in their homes. A way to increase the security of your home and the people who live there is to use the use of motion detector lighting.

Motion detectors are electric devices made up of sensors specifically designed to identify movements. Lights for motion detectors are fixtures with light fixture switches that can detect motion movement in the area and then switch on.

Motion detection lighting has many benefits. Additionally, they have plenty of commercial use. There are also the public sector, in conjunction with of security for streets, as well as at private homes.

Motion light detectors are affordable and efficient home security especially in the evening. They’re extremely energy efficient and simple to set up and use. If they are at your residence it is important to know how to resolve issues with motion detector light bulbs. It is usually a straightforward solution.

Types of Motion Sensor Lights

Here are various types of light fixtures that have motion sensor light switch:

Active Sensors

The sensors work continuously. They continuously scan the region all night long. Active sensors can sense movement and also identify modifications in the environment through the measurement of the time it takes for waves for them to return.

Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)

Passive Infrared Sensors sense radiation waves. They detect motion through monitoring infrared radiation, or the amount of motion sensor lights turns the heat.

Dual-Tech Sensors

Two-way sensors. They employ active as well as PIR sensors for detecting motion. Dual-Tech motion sensors feature a top tech motion sensor light which covers every need.

There are also vacant as well as occupancy sensor. They improve the efficiency of power at public and commercial areas.

Motion Detector Lights Troubleshooting

Most common problems you encounter the motion detection motion sensor lights. There are several ways to address these issues:

Adjust the Sensor Aim

You may find that the detector lights flashing at random times without explanation. If your motion detector lights is blinking frequently this could indicate that your sensor is pointing towards an area of intense activity. Any place other moving object that has frequent movement can cause the sensor to activate.

Another issue you may face may be if your motion detector lights do not illuminate even if they are. The reason is that they’re pointed towards the ground or to a wall.


  • Place the sensor towards the center of the region you would like to track.
  • Release the screws that hold it in place and attempt to rotate the device or tilting it upwards either down or up.
  • Once it’s placed in the desired place you can tighten the screws. Check your light.

Check Light Duration

Sometimes the lights might remain on for longer than you would like. The best light time duration for all security lighting is between one and 2 minutes. The light will remain on throughout the evening if you do not setting the front light switch to the highest setting.


  • Adjust the setting of the duration of light to the optimal time, and test your lighting for the second time.

Cleaning Up the Sensors

Dust and dirt may build up within the motion sensor light itself. The photocell forms an essential component of the motion sensor light and can not recognize motion if it’s filthy.


  • Make use of a dry rag to lightly rub the circuit and sensor if there’s dust or dirt and then test your lighting.

Power Interruption

The power interactions can affect the sensitivity settings of sensors. Inadvertently flipping light switches on light bulbs or breaking them could impact the light source. Power interruptions or power surges could cause lights to turn on and on all day long.


  • Switch off the power surges source for minimum 30 seconds.
  • While this is happening be sure that there isn’t any movement in front of the sensor.
  • Turn the light off and then try your sensor.

Replace the Batteries

The lights of some sensors run with batteries. They can fail because of a damaged or exhausted battery.


  • Replace all the batteries by using new batteries and test to turn off the lights once more.

Replace the Bulb

If you’ve charged your batteries, and the motion sensor light aren’t turning off, it may be due to a problem with the bulb.


  • Change it to an entirely new version and then observe the changes.
  • Consider getting an electrician to look at it in case you are unable to make it work.

Sensitivity Issues

Motion lights can be sensitive. They react to even the smallest alteration in the surroundings. If the sensitivity level the sensor is sensitive, even a small flying insect can trigger the sensor.

Additionally, it could be sensitive but not as strong. If the motion sensor light switch itself isn’t sufficiently sensitive, an intruder might be close even before the light goes on.


  • Make sure to alter the settings of sensitivity, and then look for the configuration you prefer.

Switch It Off and On

A quick method of making sure that your broken outdoor motion detectors lighting working is to use the “first-aid” approach.


  • The manual switch off and back on is a easy solution.
  • The calibration could be restored to the original setting and correct the issue.

Motion Detector Light Solutions

Motion detectors notify your of an emergence around you and act as effective in deterring crime. Motion detectors increase security and safety of your home.

Every light fixture for motion detection differs from one another in numerous ways. Sometime, you have problems setting your sensors. If you notice an error, refer to the manual to find any troubleshooting tips or guides. This could be a straightforward solution.


How do you reset a motion sensor light that stays on?

Turn the switch off on your lights and adjust each setting four times. The light will go off after a few minutes or so. Make sure the lights are in use while the motion sensor light has been reset.

Why does my sensor light not turn off?

Over some time, it can appear as if your lighting isn’t functioning or adjusting properly. Auto-on stuck – Many lights use auto-setting which means they always stay on. It is possible that you’ve switched to the auto-on mode but didn’t realize the. An issue can make your lights run slow.

Why is my motion sensor outdoor light always on?

Problems. Certain motion sensor light have an option to override. If overriding is enabled and the sensor’s light remains in operation even if overriding control is not disabled. Overriding is often performed by accident and can lead to confusion and misperceptions about whether the sensors have failed.

Can a motion sensor light stay on all the time?

The red light from the motion detector will last for 20 seconds. This period will be extended as the sensor senses the movement, so that motion detectors will be visible for longer than 10 minutes.

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