Let’s Fix the Terrible Urine Smell in Bathroom with Secret Solutions

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There is no doubt that a bathroom is an important part of any house, but sometimes a bathroom contains a bad smell that is unpleasant and unwanted. The situation worsens when it smells like urine, even after cleaning the washroom.

When this happens, homeowners feel helpless. They don’t know how to eliminate the smell because their bathroom is clean. But, as a homeowner, if your bathroom smells like urine, there is no doubt that there is something wrong and you did not know it.

In this article, we’ll talk about the urine smell in the bathroom, and instead of talking about expensive fixes, we’ll try to focus on some things you can do yourself. First, let’s have a look at how to remove urine odor from the bathroom.

What is the Cause of Urine Smell in a Bathroom?

Even if your bathroom is clean, the area around your shower might still smell like urine. We are here to help you if you don’t have any ideas about this issue.

The smell of urine can come from the protective covers on the toilet seat hinges, the space between the toilet seat and the tank cover, the toilet’s lid, and the wet toilet floor area. Also, the main things that make urine smell are clothes, bath mats, wet towels, trash cans, rolls of paper towels, plungers, toothbrushes, and toilet scrubber brushes.

So, there could be a lot of reasons, and as a homeowner, you should take the proper steps and find a way to stop urine smells from coming from the bathroom.

How To Get Rid of Urine Smell in Bathroom – The 5 Solutions

Solution 1 – Shaving Cream

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A can/tube of shaving cream in the bathroom can forever remove the urine smell. The best part about this cleaning trick is that it only takes a few minutes to finish. The pee smell will be gone without waiting so long. Using shaving cream in the bathroom is a secret DIY trick that most people do not know.

Usage Procedure

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Before you use shaving cream in your bathroom, you need to clean it with soap or detergent and let it dry. Since the urine smell comes from the bathroom, you should start cleaning the toilet seat first. Take the lid off the toilet seat and gently scrub it with shaving cream. If you can, put some cream on the floor around where the toilet seat is. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash it with water.

Safety Tip: After using the shaving cream, wash it well with water. Otherwise, it will make your bathroom slippery.

Solution 2 – Use Vinegar

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Cleaning with vinegar is a great idea. Its acidic properties make it effective at removing urine odors and spots. Anyone can use it to remove pet area smells, clean the toilet, bowl, and drain, as well as the walls before and after painting.

If there is a bad urine smell in the bathroom, you can get rid of it by spraying vinegar in the toilet and around the affected region. After 15 minutes, clean the room thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

Usage Procedure

Fill a bottle with white vinegar and spray it around the toilet seat. It doesn’t need to be cleaned with water. Even though vinegar won’t make your bathroom smell worse, it will eliminate the urine smell.

Safety Tip: Use white vinegar only because other kinds of vinegar can cause chemical burns.

Solution 3 – Apply Baking Soda

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In addition to its many practical uses, baking soda is also a helpful chemical. It’s useful in several ways. It has a variety of uses, including cleaning, healthcare, and more. Therefore, it’s wise to always have some on hand at home. Applying baking soda in the toilet and around the commode might help get rid of any urine smells. Just give the baking soda an hour to do its thing before washing it away.

Usage Procedure

Both baking soda and vinegar can be used in the same way. First, mix baking soda and water to make a paste, and spread that on the toilet seat. Next, scrub the area around the toilet seat with a brush. Please wait 30 minutes after putting it on before washing it with water.

Safety Tip: Wash out baking soda properly because baking soda is not suitable for your skin.

Solution 4 – Tea and Coffee Bag is an Another Solution

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Tea and coffee bags can take in smells from the bathroom or other places. You can do better if you use herbal tea bags.

Usage Procedure

To make the bathroom smell fresh, hang up a used tea or coffee bag. Try this if you’ve tried everything you can do yourself, and nothing has worked. If you use a tea bag, the urine in your bathroom won’t smell.

Solution 5 – Use an Air Freshener

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The last thing you can do is use an air freshener. This is not something you can do yourself. Air fresheners make the air smell good in a particular area. Using an air freshener is the simplest method for removing urine smell. It would help to choose an air freshener with a moderate scent to cover up the bad smell.

If you use a heavy perfume, people may think that you are just trying to cover up the unpleasant smell of your bathroom. So, alternatively, choose an air freshener that comes straight from nature, like a flower, a pine forest, citrus, or peppermint.

Usage Procedure

There is no special instruction for using air fresheners in the washroom, as it is not a DIY solution.

Some Additional Solutions

Here are some additional solutions to the urine smell in the bathroom.

1. Focus on Ventilation

A bathroom without proper ventilation will retain a urine smell even after cleaning. For example, when taking a shower, ensure the window is open. As a result, the odors and bacteria caused by urine can be flushed away, and the air can get more oxygen.

Moreover, by opening the windows, you’ll increase the airflow in your home. If you have just applied some DIY solution and still have a leftover urine smell in your bathroom, open the window or let some fresh air in. It will provide you with significant relief.

2. Toilet Maintenance is Important

The majority of well-maintained homeowners’ bathrooms are odor free. But still, they face a common problem, and that is a urine smell coming from their bathroom. And the possible cause is a lack of maintenance.

If urine drops on top of your toilet, it should be cleaned immediately with a toilet brush and some toilet cleaner. This simple technique can prevent the unpleasant smell of urine from wafting into your bathroom.

3. You Should Clean the Floor in the Bathroom

Urine doesn’t always drop into the toilet pan and has many causes. For instance, some people may be busy with their phones or in a hurry. As a result, urine can be dropped on the floor. However, many people urinate on the floor for health reasons as well.

Because of this, maintaining a clean bathroom floor is essential. Because if pee gets absorbed by the floor and isn’t cleaned up, it can start to smell.

If you notice a bad smell in your bathroom and it seems to be coming from the floor or walls near the toilet, get to cleaning immediately.


Hopefully, you should now have a general idea of why your bathroom smells like urine. Use the solution for how to get rid of urine smell in bathroom. Try to use the things you can do yourself first because they are cheaper and work nicely. If you do not have time, apply the expensive one with additional steps.

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